Cool Science Experiments

Did you know science is every kid's favorite subject?
Well, it will be with the use of cool science experiments and projects.

Think about it. Science is the exploration of matter.

Matter = Things

And what kid doesn't like things?

Cool science experiments use a variety of objects to teach and reinforce important science concepts.

These science experiments and projects come from the MatchCard Science curriculum for 3rd to eight grade.

Light and Energy

Light is the first form of energy we "see". Start with light energy, then learn about magnetic, sound, temperature, and other forms of energy. light bulb reflecting absorbing and refracting light


We notice it every morning. We talk about it everyday. Now, let's study to see how weather changes.
simple weather instruments

Force and Motion

Watts it all about? Force and motion are required for any work to be done.
marbles in motion


Have some rockin' fun with the projects in our Geology Unit Study. volcano diagram


Our oceanography unit study is a whale of a good time! Learn about the ocean and the creatures in it.

whale and sting ray

Human Anatomy

Human anatomy sure helps a body to function. Can you name the major body systems?

While we are all about kids doing real science experiments, we do draw the line here. We'll save the real experiments for med school. Meanwhile, we do have some projects and models to demonstrate how the human body works.

whale and sting ray


Chemistry really "matters." Atoms and molecules make up the substances all around us.

3 chemistry flasks diagram


Astronomy is a really big topic! A world of information can be found about your universe. Earths Rotation and Revolution


woodland diagram A plant is an animal's best friend. Find out all the important thing plants do for you.


Carnivore Skull and Herbivore Skull If a dog isn't a kid's best friend, another animal is likely to be. It's fun to learn about the other creatures we share the planet with.

Health and Nutrition

Make healthy living delicious and fun.


suspension bridge Let's introduce some engineering basics or techno and not-so-techno inclined friends.

Other ideas

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