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Kaleidos 3 Language Arts Curriculum

Kaleidos 3 is full year's language arts program for third graders. With an emphasis on exciting literature and confidence-building writing activities, it provides a comprehensive set of language arts skills in reading, writing, spelling, grammar, computer, and speaking.

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The Year At A Glance

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Year At A Glance Chart

You can print The Year At A Glance chart that gives a concise overview of the program.

There are 15 three-week modules which include: This is a total of 45 weeks which can be a year round 12 month curriculum. For those who prefer a nine-month, thirty-six week curriculum, instructions are provided on how to combine the research and literature modules.

Download Overview and 1st Week's Lesson

Kaleidos 3 - Overview & Week 1

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Your kids will love the variety in this line-up of great kids books for third graders: You can read the description of the third grade literature books to discover the adventure awaiting your child.


Write On #1

An exciting way to turn your child on to writing is with Write On, The Kid-Friendly, Mother Pleasing, Gentle Way to Learn to Write. In the third grade Kaleidos students will doing Write On 1 though Write On 22.

As the picture above shows, each lesson of Write On includes a non-intimidating student sample that dominates the page. The objectives, teacher's directions, and idea clouds are included on the same page.

Your third grade writer will be writing: At the end of the year, your student will have written eight 3-paragraph essays, two stories, one larger report, and many short bi-weekly activities that stretch their writing ability.

Syllable Savvy 3

Syllable Savvy 3

Kaleidos 3 uses the third grade level of Syllable Savvy Spelling

Syllable Savvy boasts of the simple-to-use, three-column method of learning spelling. Students focus on how letters interact to form syllables using common spelling patterns.

Syllable Savvy 3 is filled with common words and household words to familiarize the students with frequently encountered and written words.

Syllable Savvy Three Columns

The diagram above (from Syllable Savvy 5) shows how it works. The student studies from the middle column. The left column shows the pronunciation (and can be used by independent learners to self-study. Not all third graders are ready for this step, however.)

It's in the right column that the focus for student success occurs. They see the word broken down by syllables, and note the number of letters in each syllable. As they write the word on their own, they focus on the correct letters in each syllable. Even the largest, most fearsome looking word is made out of syllables that usually are only 1 to 4 letters each. Whose afraid of four letters?

Kaleidos 3 Language Arts Book


Punctuation With A Punch teaches basic punctuation rules in third and fourth grade. Acting Out the Parts of Speech teaches the parts of speech in relation to each other in a sentence.

Both programs are included in the Kaleidos 3 guide for no additional charge.

Both of these resources apply grammar and punctuation to the literature books the student is reading.

Nature Readers

Nature Readers Level 3 Kaleidos 3 incorporates readings from Christian Liberty's 3 grade Nature Reader. This phonics based program provides practice in graded reading.

Because quality literature does NOT have a controlled basal vocabulary, it is helpful to have a reader that does start slowly and progress to larger words. These Nature Readers were chosen because they are widely availabe, are economical, and provide non-fiction reading selections. The non-fiction passages provide variety in reading material as the literature books are story-based.

Third grade students who are reading two years or more above grade level may not need this supplement.


We list on-line lessons that are free to students and provide an introduction to Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Windows, and Internet Safety.

In addition, students practice keyboarding two times a week to strengthen those widely required skills.

Hands On Units

While Kaleidos is not a full hands-on unit study, we embrace the hands-on method of learning and incorporate multi-dimensional strategies.

In addition, our third and fourth grade curriculum provide suggestions for making a hands-on unit corresponding to the literature books.

The first week of the module, we list a number of ideas that are not specifically scheduled on the weekly lesson plans, so that you can incorporate the ideas when it fits your family's schedule.

Here are the unit study themes: Your whole family will have fun with the suggested activities related to the themes. And we welcome suggestions of your ideas for activities for the themes.

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Kaleidos 3 Instructors Manual

$12.99 Includes full-year schedule, Instructor's Guide and appendix

Note: The Instructor's Manual is part of the curriculum packages below, so does not need to be purchased separately if you buy the package.

The softcover manual will be shipped to your home.

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Kaleidos 3 Write On Syllable Savvy Spelling Nature Reader

The Kaleidos 3 curriculum package contains these four books: Kaleidos Guide, Write On, Syllable Savvy Spelling 3, Level 3 Nature Reader


Note: The Curriculum package above includes only the four curriculum products pictured. It does not include the literature books. These classics are likely available at your library. You may find them locally, including at used book stores. For your convenience, we also have them available below in economical paperback editions.

Buy The Literature Package

Kaleidos 3 Literature Package



The literature package includes all thirteen books pictured above. It does not include the curriculum guide, writing, spelling, and phonics books which are sold as a package above.

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Get more information about Kaleidos Language Arts and the other grade levels.

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