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Historical Fiction Books

Drawn from the halls of children's classical literature, these lists bring you the best historical fiction books for kids.

History comes alive when you a read a good historical fiction book, and here we have the books that kids have liked the best.

Most of the books are historical fiction, which usually means they contain fictitious characters interacting with true historical characters.

However, in these lists we have also included biographies and true stories. Books are listed by historical era and the description indicates if it is a true biography or historical fiction.

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Historical Fiction for kids listed by Era

Ancient Literature

Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece come alive again in this list of books of ancient literature for kids. Read about cultures long gone but still impacting our own.

The Middle Ages

Between the ancient cultures and the modern world, were the centuries known as the Middle Ages. Children can read about the fascinating period with these books from medieval literature. Castles, knights, crusades, and chivarlry with plenty of danger and injustice mark this period of history.

Jamestown Settlement

It as a new continent and a New World bursting with adventures. Children are enthralled with stories of the Jamestown Colony. A controversial captain, a dangerous ocean voyage, an Indian princess, aristocratic gentlemen who refused to work, starvation, shipwreck, attacks on the settlement - 1607 was a cataclysmic time to live in Jamestown.

Thanksgiving History

Holidays are an important clue to a culture. These classic stories of Thanksgiving history describe how 103 travelers from the early 17th century transformed a continent.

18th Century

This list of historical fiction books for kids includes 18th century literature. It was a time of major changes around the world.

American Revolution

An untrained continental army against the strongest empire of the world. Children love to read books on the American Revolution for kids. Every person of every age and persuasion was drawn into the monumental conflict.

19th Century

Young readers can see the modern world emerging in 19th century literature. The culture of this era is not as unfamiliar, but the simpler era without phones and automobiles makes these books for kids entertaining and educational.

American Civil War

Historical fiction books on The Civil War literature for kids makes this dark period in America's history come alive.

Early 20th Century

Kids can read historical books about events 100 years ago with the list ofearly 20th century literature. From the ending of the Victorian era, to the roaring 20's, Great Depression, and ending in the great World War; an era of change and action is waiting to be read.

Great Depression

Around the world families faced growing fears. Children can read how others struggled in the stories from the Great Depression.

World War II

The list of World War 2 stories tells how children's lives around the world were impacted by the war believed to end all wars.

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