Weather Unit Study

MatchCard Science Unit Study will turn rainy days into sunny memories. This hands-on homeschool science unit study provides objectives, demonstrations, and projects for the study of weather and the Earth's atmosphere.

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Weather Objectives

Weather MatchCards

Chemistry MatchCard Chemistry MatchCard Chemistry MatchCard

The MatchCards are the backbone of MatchCard Science. Each of the nine objectives listed above has a MatchCard to help students master that objective.

What's on the MatchCards?

So How Does it All Work?

You will teach one objective every week using the corresponding MatchCard. Two to three times a week your students will review five other MatchCards they learned previously.

. The Instructor's Guide explains how to organize and use your MatchCard notebook.

Weather Unit Study Log

A unit study log brings all your activities together and is the crowning touch of your unit. It will include your bibliography, description of science projects you do, list of daily readings and activities, and Grading Sheet. Check out the free instructor's guide for more information.

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The MatchCard Unit Study is available in three forms:

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Student MatchCards: Free

Energy MatchCard
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All student materials are included in each of the paid formats. For your convenience here is a list of all free MatchCard Science curriculum downloads.

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