Handwriting Practice Worksheets

Better Letter Primer
  • Overview of the Better Letter Primer (ages 5 to 9)
  • Tips for Handwriting for younger students (ages 3 to 5)
  • Pencil grips to correct incorrect grasp
  • The Better Letter Primer

    Better Letter Primer 4 step diagram

    The Better Letter Primer is a unique handwriting program which promotes proper letter formation. Program features include:

    The Better Letter Primer Overview

    Get more information on the Better Letter Primer. You will find directions for each step as well as links to the download pages.

    Worksheets for the Four Steps to Correct Penmanship

    The Better Letter Primer provides the free handwriting worksheets for each of the four steps

    Downloads to the Worksheets at the Link Above

    Step One - Writing Direction

    Blank Lined Paper

    lined handwriting paper

    Left to Right Writing (L2RW) is taught in the first step. You can use any writing paper or the blank handwriting practice worksheets on the direction page for Step One.

    Step Two - 8 Letter Groups

    Letter Formation Worksheets

    letter formation practice page

    The second step in the Better Letter Primer is practicing the 8 Letter Groups with the handwriting worksheets provided.

    The 26 letters are arranged in 8 groups according to the type of letter formation. For instance, the first three letters learned are "l", "t", "i". Each of these letters starts at the top and the pencil moves straight down.

    Step Three - Number Formation

    Number Formation Worksheets

    number formation practice page

    The third step is correct number formation. The different digits are divided into three groups. They are arranged according to the direction the pencil begins. Handwriting worksheets are included.

    Step Four - Review

    handwriting practice page

    Review the lessons that have been taught using the Review Handwriting Practice Pages from The Better Letter Primer to review all letter and number groups.

    All Downloads

    You can get all the Better Letter Primer handwriting worksheets on this page. Three different sizes of print are offered for different ages.

    Preschool Handwriting

    Letters and Handwriting for 3 to 5 Year Olds

    Early childhood learning involves hands-on activities. They need more than practice with pencil and paper. Handwriting for Preschoolers provides multi-sensory techniques to teach and reinforce letters.

    Kindergarten students often learn letter formation and the phonic sounds together. This page gives information on kindergarten handwriting with the Better Letter Primer.

    Pencil Grips

    5 different pencil grips

    Correctly holding a pencil is important for correct letter formation and neat handwriting. Pencil grips can assist students to hold their pencils correctly. Our review compares pencil grips. Twelve different types of pencil grips are compared. The correct tripod grasp is also explained.

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