Handwriting Practice Pages

Step 4 - Review Letter Groups and Numbers

These free handwriting practice pages are from the Better Letter Primer.
In this fourth step letter and number groups are reviewed.
Handwriting worksheets are available for all steps of the Better Letter Primer.

Free Downloads at the bottom of the page. Look for the green print.

Quick Overview of The Better Letter Primer

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Teach your students correct letter and number formation as well as improve penmanship with the Better Letter Primer. Follow the simple Four Steps:

Step Four - Review Number and Letter Groups

Handwriting Practice Pages For Numbers and Letters

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Special handwriting practice sheets have been designed to review the eight letter groups and three number groups.

Simple Review

In each review lesson, the student can form each letter in each group one time. They will write the 26 letters and all the digits in one sitting.

Focused Review

If a student is having problems with one letter or digit, a focused review of that group can be done.

For a focused review, have the student write each letter (or digit) in that group 3 times. Even if the student is having difficulty with only one of the letters, still have them write all of the letters in the group. This helps to teach and reinforce the direction of the letter.

Continuous Review

You may want to have your student review the handwriting practice review sheets one time a week until they master the correct letter formation.

Handwriting Practice Downloads

Downloads for Handwriting Practice of Letter/Number Groups
These free downloads will give you the handwriting practice worksheets to master the 8 letter groups and 3 number groups.

The worksheets are available in three sizes of paper:

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Link will direct you to the download page.

Penmanship Coaching

Instruction in handwriting is not complete with these four lessons. Read about Penmanship Coaching for a strategy that reinforces correct handwriting.

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