Reading For Kids

Activities for teaching reading for kids in preschool and early elementary grades

Yes, you can teach your child to read. However, there is a lot of different advice and conflicting information out there. My goal is to help you sort through the information. Even better, we will give you the simple, and effective reading strategy that works.

Phonics vs. Sight Words

Reading for Kids: Teach them phonics or sight words?

Erudition Game to Teach Reading For Kids Did you know there has been a raging controversy on the most basic strategy of reading instruction for kids? Every curriculum, every book, every website seems to lean toward either phonics or sight words. Information on the reading controversy.

Word Lists

In our reading strategy, we recommend combining phonics families and related sight words. This is a simple strategy that makes sense and works. Better yet, we have provided simple word lists you can use to slowly add new words and phonic principles week by week.

Here are weekly lists of reading for kids in K through 2nd grade. Sight words and phonic families are included.

Sight Word and Phonics Families Kindergarten Word List

Sight Word and Phonics Families First Grade Word List

Sight Word and Phonics Families Second Grade Word List

Comprehensive list of CVC words and short vowel words: The Ultimate CVC word list

Looking for word lists for older students? Check out our lists with the Syllable Savvy Spelling for 3rd to 8th grade.

Teaching Reading

Here are strategies to teach reading for kids who like activities and games.

Reading Confidence Cards It's a game; it's a curriculum; it's a confidence builder.

Fun Reading Activities In Early Grades A list of activities to make reading enjoyable.

PHONICS Activities Step by step teach phonic word families and watch their reading progress.

More Games to Teach Reading Games keep them motivated.

Writing the Alphabet - Practice for Preschool and Kindergarten

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