Homeschool Grammar

The Big Bad Grammar Slammer

The Fun Homeschool Grammar Book and Diagramming Game is here. Teach parts of speech, compound and complex sentences, and diagramming in a simple, game format.

A light-hearted homeschool grammar curriculum that produces
confident writers with correct grammar and punctuation

Grammar Slammer book
Put aside grammar drills and let's take a tour of the Big Bad Grammar Slammer. Within a short time you will be comfortable writing complex and compound sentences.

First, you'll get a simple ten minute tutorial of each of the major grammar concepts.

(Don't worry, it doesn't go on forever. If you do a single ten minute tutorial each school day, you'll be done in less than two months.)

After the tutorial, you'll go on a detective hunt for sentences you encounter in real life which use that grammar concept. From there, you'll have no trouble incorporating that tool into your own writing; especially with the help of the grammar clue cards.

But wait, here is where the fun starts.

After completing the tutorials, you can play the Big Bad Grammar Slammer Game. The roll of the dice will tell you what grammar concepts you have to write in your sentence. If you get it wrong, you'll end up in the slammer. But have no fear, the handy clue cards will keep you out of the slammer.

The Big Bad Grammar Slammer is sprinkled with simple diagrams and a corny sense of humor. Best of all, you will be confident writing, diagramming, and punctuating complex-compound sentences.

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Grammar Slammer

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Why use The Big Bad Grammar Slammer?

Here's what you get - all for one price

Grammar Slammer

What Your Student(s) Gain

A low-stress, student-friendly, hands-on method of learning grammar.

The Big Bad Grammar Slammer is particulary great for students who are burnt out trying to master seemingly non-relevant grammar terms in a workbook. While learning to construct sentences your students will:

Here's The Benefits For You

Of course we all want a great homeschool grammar curriculum that will teach our students, but there are a few benefits for you as well.

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Grammar Slammer

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Grammar and Punctuation Help is Here

What Is Covered

The Easy English Grammar Tutorial

Free Clue Cards

See for yourself. Print the Grammar Clue Cards to get a better idea how this hands-on method of mastering grammar concepts works.

Grammar Slammer Clue Card Click on the Clue Card picture to go to the page witb the sample Clue Cards.

Survey of the Content Covered

See the grammar tutorial outline for a complete list of all 37 LESSONS covered in this homeschool grammar curriculum.

You can see at a glance what your students cover in these easy to use lessons.

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