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Electrify your students with the MatchCard Science Light and Energy Unit Study. Hands-on projects, informative MatchCards, and dynamic activities teach 9 types of energy.

Light & Energy MatchCard

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About MatchCard Science

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MatchCard Science is an engaging science curriculum for 3rd to 8th graders. Twelve unit studies cover all major areas of science using interactive teaching methods, MatchCards for content mastery, and hands-on projects. Read more about all of the MatchCard Science Unit Studies

Light and Energy Objectives

Here are the objectives for your Light And Energy Unit Study:

1. Identify transparent, opaque, and translucent objects.
2. Describe refraction, reflection and absorption of light.
3. Predict which magnetic pole will be attracted or repelled to the pole of another magnet.
4. Compare the frequency and amplitude of sound waves.
5. Compare Fahrenheit and Celsius.
6. Explain how molecules change as a substances freezes, melts, evaporates and condenses.
7. Describe the three types of heat transfer.
8. Diagram an electrical circuit.
9. List electrical conductors and insulators.
10. Compare static electricity and current electricity.
11. Define watts, amperage, and voltage.
12. Compare nuclear fusion and fission.
13. Arrange the colors of the light spectrum according to frequency.
14. Arrange the types of electromagnetic radiation according to frequency.
15. Compare potential and actual kinetic energy.
16. List seven major types of energy.
17. Give examples of the conservation of electricity.

Using the MatchCards

Energy MatchCard Energy MatchCard Energy MatchCard

For each objective, there is one MatchCard to help the students interact the content. Print the MatchCard and the information pieces, and the students apply the pieces in the correct place.

Using plastic page protectors allows you to set up a science notebook and review concepts repeatedly. Make sure you check the MatchCard Science Instructor's Guide for information on how to use MatchCard Science effectively.

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