Science Lapbooks

Ready for some fun, colorful Science Lapbooks that will let your students proudly demonstrate what they have learned?

Matchcard Science Unit Studies provide the perfect template for creative and interactive science lapbooks.

Lapbook Supplies
Inside of the Ocean Lapbook

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What Is A Lapbook?

Chemistry Lapbook

A lapbook is a pop-up book that students create to demonstrate what they have learned.

We like to turn our science lapbooks sideways so the folds are vertical (in contrast to history and geography lapbooks which traditionally fold out horizontally.) Obviously, this is a matter of individual preference.

Value of Lapbooks

Electronic Booklet Lapbooks are gaining in popularity. Why?

Our Lapbooks

Here are some we have already made that you can copy.

Ocean Lapbook

Ocean Lapbook
Dig deep into the great seas with our oceanography unit study and lapbook.

Chemistry Lapbook

Chemistry Lapbook
The Chemistry Lapbook
Swirling atoms, mixing molecules, and colorful chemical equations will keep your chemists and artists alike asking for more.

Technology Lapbook

Technology Lapbook
Our Technology Lapbook
Planes, computers, bridges, electronics, and the binary number system will catch your students up-to-date on how technology changes our daily lives.

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How to Make A Science Lapbook

Lapbook Supplies

Here is what you need to get started:

MatchCard Science Lapbooks

Earthquake MatchCard Human Body MatchCard Moon Phases MatchCard

If you are into lapbooking, you will definitely want print the free student MatchCards for at least one of the unit studies. They make a perfect template for a number of reasons:

Adding More Information to Your Lapbook

In addition to the MatchCards, the student has plenty of room to add their own information.

Here are some of the types of information and pictures you can add to your own science lapbook:

All 12 Unit Studies

MatchCard Science Covers
Check out the 12 full science unit studies with MatchCard Science

Ready To Use Resources

Literature Unit Study Box Literature Unit Study Box Literature Unit Study Box
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Ready To Use Resources

Literature Unit Study Box Literature Unit Study Box Literature Unit Study Box

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