Technology Lapbook

The templates for the Technology Lapbook will get even your non-technie kids ready to tackle the techno-turf. It's fun, easy, and you'll all learn new things!

Technology Lapbook

The Technology Lapbook from MatchCard Science Technology Unit Study - fun and easy learning!

You can get the individual diagrams and lessons at technology worksheets page. An older version of the complete unit study is available at technology unit study page. (Hint: the individual lessons are newer with cleaner pics. The unit study download is a full download of all lessons at a click of a button. Yes, we are trying to get the new pics into the single download format - but this all takes LOTS of time.)

Supplies for the Technology Lapbook

Electronic Booklet In addition to the technology MatchCards you will need:

Make the Technology Lapbook

Here's how we turned the Technology MatchCards into parts of our lapbook.


Bridge MatchCard Bridge Cover

Bridge Booklet

The different types of bridges were cut out and stacked on top of each other. We indexed the bottom of each bridge so you could see the names of all four types.

An index card wass covered in aluminum foil and used as the top flap for the bridges.

If we did it again, I would make the individual pages of the four bridges taller. This is a bit short, but you can still see all four types of bridges.


Aerodynamic MatchCard Plane Cover

Plane Booklet

The plane was used as a cookie-cutter to make four different similar shapes. The four different forces applied to airplanes were written on each plane and described.

Electronic Inputs & Outputs

Electronic  MatchCard Electronic Booklet

The television became the frame of the flap for Inputs and Outputs. Three sheets of paper the size of the TV screen were cut out: one listed inputs, one listed outputs, and one listed signal processing units. An index card the same size was covered with foil as the TV screen.

Circuit Boards: A pop-up inside of a pop-up

Circuit Board MatchCard Circuit Board Cover

Circuit Board Pop-Upt

This lapbook had a pop-up inside a pop-up. The individual boxes on the MatchCard were cut apart and folded upward to make a pop-up for each of the circuit board parts. Then a piece of card stock covered in foil was glued on the file folder as a flap over the individual pieces.

Computer System

Computer System MatchCard Bridge Cover

The individual parts of the computer system were glued directly onto the science lapbook. We used the arrows like the MatchCard had to indicate the flow of information from inputs to outputs. Black card stock was used as a flap over all the pieces. Silver glitter was used on the card stock.

Binary System

Binary MatchCard Binary Booklet

The binary booklet was made of three long pages. We used one of our favorite techniques for coloring pages of a lapbook: multiple color on color with Prisma colored pencils was applied to the background. The words were written with markers, in this case tracing the letters and digits with dots to represent pixels.

Making Your Technology Cover

Technology Lapbook

On the front of the cover we wrote the words "Technology Unit Study." Then we randomly divided the area around the words into boxes.

Everyone can add a different zentangle pattern into the different boxes.

More Science Lapbooks

We are adding more science lapbooks as we create them (sorry, it's been a sloooow process.)

Currently we have the Chemistry Lapbook and the Ocean Lapbook ready in addition to the technology lapbook.

Only 8 more to go! Come back soon!

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