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Watch your student's appetite for science blossom with the MatchCard Science Botany Unit Study. Hands-on projects, game-like review, and creative activities will keep them digging for more

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About MatchCard Science

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If you are new to MatchCard Science, you will want to learn more about the MatchCard Science Unit Studies and their interactive teaching activities. Hands-on demonstrations, review games, visual learning, and creative projects will engage your students and enhance their enthusiasm for science.

Botany Objectives

Here are the objectives for your Botany Unit Study.
1. Compare the eco-systems of the following habitats: deserts, prairie, woodlands, mountain, rainforest, tundra.
2. Describe the reproductive parts of flowering plants.
3. Compare flowers that are pollinated by insects and those pollinated by the wind.
4. Compare deciduous and non-deciduous trees.
5. List environmental factors that alter an ecosystem.
6. Identify six main parts of a plant cell and describe their functions.
7. Explain what photosynthesis is and what is needed for it to take place.
8. Trace the transport of water and nutrients inside the plant.
9. List the steps of sexual reproduction in plants in the correct order and describe each step.
10. Compare features of living things that reproduce asexually and those that reproduce sexually.
11. Describe the carbon cycle.
12. Describe the nitrogen cycle.


Botany MatchCard Botany MatchCard Botany MatchCard

> The Matchcards are great for teaching and reinforcing the objectives. There is one MatchCard for each of the objectives listed above.

The MatchCards give you:

Every week you will use the corresponding MatchCard to teach the objective. In addition, the students review 5 previously learned MatchCards two or three times per week. This game-like activity is a favorite activity of many students. The Instructor's Guide gives you more ideas on organizing and using the MatchCards.

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