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Welcome to our Children's Book Club Reading Program

The best readers read the best books; and our childrens book club rewards kids for reading quality children's literature.

How It Works

We have listed our pick of the very best books by grade level. Students who read seven of the books on the list can earn the Classical Childrens Book Readers Award.

The process is simply:

The Children's Book Club Reading Lists

Have fun reading great books at each grade level with our classical childrens book club reading lists.

All of the Book Club Reading Lists

For your convenience, we have listed all of the book club reading lists on one page.

We have the book club lists for 3rd to 8th grade listed below.

3rd Grade Classical Book Club

3rd grade certificate Read what happens when an Indian visits the new setttlement on Plymouth Plantation, follow three children as they solve a mystery with a treasure map, and creep up and down a hill watching for bears. Join the adventures of other third graders as they read great stories from US history as well as fun and fiction.

Visit our 3rd Grade Book Club and get started reading good books.

4th Grade Classical Book Club

4th grade certificate Join the adventures of children capturing a wild pony, saving a train from disaster, protecting their family from animals with rabies. Let history come alive with these books on the 4th Grade Childrens Book Club list.

Check out the 4th Grade Book Club to get on the path to great reading.

5th Grade Classical Book Club

5th grade certificate Join our heroes and heroines as they journey to far places, flee from danger, settle in untamed wildnernesses, battle legendary villains, and fight so that good will triump over evil.

Don't miss any of the books on the 5th Grade Book Club for exciting literary adventures.

6th Grade Classical Book Club

6th grade certificate Travel back in time to Ancient Egypt and Rome, sail with pirates, and hide with outlaws. These classic books for 6th graders are filled with excitement and history.

Adventure and danger fill the pages of the 6th Grade Book Club as kids meet heroic characters from history.

7th Grade Classical Book Club

7th grade certificate A fantastic variety of literature including historical fiction, non-fiction, animal stories, fantasy, and detective stories. Journey from the middle ages to World War II with historical and fictitious characters you will never forget.

Expand your horizons with the 7th Grade Book Club selections which will give you a taste of the greatest literature.

8th Grade Classical Book Club

8th grade certificate Favorite books by Dickens, Twain, London, Tolkien, Stevenson and more. These are great stories that will enrich your understanding of history, philosophy, and life.

Great literary adventures and exciting reading await you with the 8th Grade Book Club. Enjoy the world's best selling books.

Also see our other selections of classic literature on this site.

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