Homeschool Affiliate Program

Webmasters can join our affiliate program to promote Learn for Your Life's curriculum

Are you a webmaster or have a homeschool blog? Do you want to join a homeschool affiliate program where you can earn high commissions promoting effective and kid-friendly resources to your readers?

You have come to the right place.

Join Our Homeschool Affiliate Program

Great For Your Homeschool Families

You are one of the resources your visitors use to find strategies for homeschooling.

Our goal is to provide products, curriculum and techniques to make education effective and rewarding. We emphasize student involvement, interactive unit studies, and hands-on learning.

If your visitors are looking to expand their choices beyond textbooks, our resources may be perfect for them.

Great For Your Website

You will feel good about stepping away from the assembly line.

Innovative products, effective strategies, and down to earth advice will make your website shine.

Great for Your Balance Sheet

Others may not realize the expense and time you commit to maintaining a website or blog; but we do. As partners in reaching homeschool families, we pay our homeschool affiliates high commissions for their time and energy.

High Commission for Homeschool Affiliates

You will be pleased with our rates.

No Inventory

With our homeschool affiliate program, you do not need to purchase and carry inventory. Place the link on your website, and we take care of shipping the products to the customers.

There is no cost to join. We use E-Junkie Affiliate Program.

Downloadable Curriculum

You earn 50% for downloaded Learn For Your Life curriculum and materials.

Hard Copy Books

Earn 25% for sales of hard copy print books published by Learn For Your Life. It is easy to join the Learn For Your Life homeschool affiliate program. Follow these simply steps:

1. Sign up for a free account with 2. Go to the Affiliate Admin page.
If you are not automatically on the affiliate admin page, here are the directions to get there.
3. Click the "Get Affiliate Code" link.
4. Choose products you would like to represent. 5. Copy and paste the code. 6. More products are being added to the E-Junkie list for our homeschool affiliate program.

7. Contact us with questions. We will be happy to assist.

Ready To Use Resources

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