Zoology Unit Study

Turn your animal lover into an amateur zoologist with the MatchCard Science Zoology Unit Study. Investigate the amazing world of animals with 13 objectives, hands-on activities, dynamic projects, and the fun re-usable MatchCards.

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About MatchCard Science

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MatchCard Science consists of twelve different unit studies covering all major areas of science. Students in third through eighth grade enjoy the MatchCard content and review, engaging teaching methods, and hands-on projects. Read more about all of the MatchCard Science Unit Studies

Zoology Objectives

Here are the objectives for your zoology unit study.

1. Describe the major body parts of insects.
2. Explain the metmorphosis of a butterfly.
3. Describe the unique parts of a fish.
4. Compare reptiles and amphbians.
5. List the distinctive characteristics of mammals.
6. Tell what class of the food chain an organism belongs to.
7. Describe how animal teeth differ according to the animal's diet.
8. List the major groups used to classify plants and animals from the broadest to the most specific.
9. Compare ten animal phyla.
10. List seven classes of vertebrates.
11. Identify the functions of the major parts of animal cells.
12. Explain three types of movement by one-celled animals.
13. Compare the phases of mitosis and list them in the correct order.

Learn more about using science unit studies.

Using The MatchCards

MatchCard MatchCard MatchCard

MatchCards are used to teach and review the material. Each objective has it's own corresponding MatchCard which will have:

Review Is Built Into the MatchCards

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