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Trumpeter of Krakow Unit Study

Our Trumpeter of Krakow Unit Study will dramatically increase your 5th to 8th graders comprehension and enthusiasm for Eric Kelly's Newbery classic.

Trumpeter of Krakow Unit Study Poster

What Is In Our Trumpeter of Krakow Unit Study?

  • Chapter Vocabulary Lists
  • Chapter by Chapter Activities
  • Reading Comprehension Questions
  • Digging Deeper and Discussion Questions
  • Map of Poland and Surrounding Countries and Towns
  • Map of Old Krakow with places designated in the book
  • Literary Analysis Questions
  • Writing Boosters
  • Learn About It Boxes with background historical information
  • Suggested supplemental Activities

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Our unit study download includes:
  • 35 pages of student activities
  • 35 page answer key for instructor
  • maps
  • vocabulary book marks

History, Legends, Myths

This unit study delves deeper into the role of historical fiction and the use of history, legends and myths in this tale, as well as literature in general. Because the main story is based on a historical legend of a lone trumpeter from the thirteenth century, it gives students opportunity to compare history and legend. The myth of the Philosophers Stone is evaluated as well as a new myth created by the author: the Great Tarnov Crystal. Myths, history, and legends of different kings of Krakow are also discussed.

Vocabulary Bookmarks

Trumpeter of Krakow Vocabulary Bookmarks

Students and teachers alike love our vocabulary bookmarks. The words are listed by chapter and in the order they occur in the text. Divide the paper into third and you have the perfect bookmark, ready to help each student find the meaning of unfamiliar words.

Chapter by Chapter Activities

The Trumpeter of Krakow Unit Study provides 1 to 4 pages for each chapter with questions, information, and activities to foster a more thorough understanding of the text. Whether a student reads one chapter a day or is assigned several chapters, the chapter activities give an appropriate review, discussion, and background information for middle schoolers. This book includes activities for the 16 chapters plus the prologue.

Map of Poland and Vistula River

Comprehension Questions

Our multiple choice reading comprehension questions do more than simply check if the students read and understood the text (though they do, do that.) The content questions include the major events of the story. By reviewing the chapter activities, students grasp the main event of each chapter and how the chapters work to form the whole story.

Geography of Trumpeter of Krakow

Poland and Trumpeter of Krakow Map
Black and White Map of Image Above Included in the unit study

Our map shows the location of Krakow and the Vistula River in Poland. It also shows the location of Ukraine, part of Russia, the Baltic Sea, and several cities that are part of the story.

15th Century Krakow Map

Old Map of Krakow

Our map of 15th century Krakow shows the location of the events in the chapters. Students can follow along as Joseph and Elzbietka go the tower or escape the flames that threaten the city. In addition, many of the points in the story are still present today. These locations are listed and readers are encouraged to look for internet pictures of famous places.

Literary Analysis

A great story is developed and carried along by the elements of literature. Readers become aware of and interact with these specific elements in this unit study:
  • Setting
  • Characters
  • Exposition
  • Role of chapters in a story
  • Mood
  • Theme
  • Purpose of Author
  • Symbol
  • Juxtaposition
  • Allusion
  • Irony & Sarcasm
  • Simile

Digging Deeper into History

Throughout the Trumpter of Krakow Unit Study, several boxes are listed which provide readers a little more information about specific historical phenomena. These include:
  • Historical Characters
    • Jan Kanty (John Cantius)
    • Bishop Stanislas
    • King Krakus
    • King Kazimir the Great
    • King Kazimer Jagiello
    • Ivan of Moscow
  • Tartars
  • Mongols
  • Cossacks
  • Alchemy & the Philosopher’s Stone
  • Scholasticism & The Seven Arts

Map of Poland and Vistula River

Writing Skills

Great writers inspire great writing. We use several models of descriptive writing and challenge students to develop their own descriptions of another location. Some of the skills and techniques taught include:
  • Descriptive writing - descriptive listing
  • Writing and puctuating a descriptive series
  • Use of thesaurus and synonyms
  • Use of adjectives and color adjectives
  • Double dyads for poetic emphasis

Prologue, Foreword, Epilogue, Afterword

A unique feature of this book is that the introduction and the prologue are titled. A chart shows the differences between prologue, introduction, preface, foreword, afterword, and epilogue.

Suggested Hands-on Activities

Hands on projects provide a multi-faceted approach to learning. Some of our activities include illuminating letters, making wood carved pictures, listen to the heynal played, develop a Polish-type calendar system, view locations in the book, and more.

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Trumpeter of Krakow Student Study Guide Page Trumpeter of Krakow Teachers Answer Key Page
Student Guide AND Teacher's Answer Key Included
$2.00 Download - 76 pages
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Trumpeter of Krakow Unit Study Poster

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