Fellowship of the Ring Unit Study

Ponder the great questions of philosophy while enjoying one of the best stories of our time. Our Fellowship of the Ring unit study allows you and your 8th- 12th students to get the most out of Tolkien's first book in the trilogy.

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What Is In Our The Fellowship of the Ring Unit Study?

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Chapter by Chapter Activites

Our activities can be done:

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Uncover Hidden Meanings

Most readers focus on the plot line and overlook subtle clues on character development or themes in the book.

Our pointer questions accomplish several important goals:

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Literary Analysis that Is Fun to Do

Can you think of anything you would rather do right now than have someone hand you a list of literary terms to memorize?

We don't do that with our readers either.

We look at examples of great narrative, dynamic humor, descriptive sentences, or powerful word choices. These literary elements are examined, and students given the opportunity to find other examples or create their own.

In The Fellowship of the Ring Unit Study we spend a little time investigating different genres. Why? Because Tolkien's work is a great example of literature that crosses multiple genres. It is fun to see how he intertwine's ballads and history, as one example.

And most likely your students are familiar with the classic Action Plot with exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and denouement. What is different here? Since Tolkien's trilogy is actually comprised of six books (two parts for each book in the trilogy) students will investigate how the denouement of the previous book and exposition of the following book are combined. Tolkien actually had 7 action plots (one for each book and one for the entire series.) And more: From the function of a prologue in general (and THE prologue in particular) and the use of 15 different literary elements, participants learn how outstanding authors create outstanding narratives.

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Great Vocabulary Resource

Fellowship of the Ring Vocabulary List

Our vocabulary bookmarks provide unfamiliar words AND their definitions on a handy reference sheet. The words are listed in the same order as they appear in the text so readers can maximize their comprehension of the text.

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Map Nen Hithoel

We provide our readers with two new maps of Middle Earth and suggested resources for additional maps.

One of our maps is the Village of Bree. Students can use the information in Chapter 9 of The Fellowship of the Ring: Book 1 to draw their own map from the author's description. Then they compare it to our map of Breeland.

We also have a map of the region around Nan Hithoel or Lake Hithoel. The geography of the scene of action for Chapters 9 and 10 of The Fellowship of the Ring: Book 2 is a little difficult to follow. Our map of this lake on the Anduin River allows readers to understand the setting of this dramatic action.

We also have recommendations of resources for a printable map of Middle Earth and map books.

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Fellowship of the Ring Pages at a Glance

All the pages described above are also listed here for your convenience.

Maps Map for the Fellowship of the Ring
Two new maps of Middle Earth and suggestions for other geography resources
Vocabulary Fellowship of the Ring Vocabulary Lists
Vocabulary words and definitions for every chapter
Quotes Fellowship of the Ring Quotes
Great quotes that reveal hidden qualities
Quizzes Fellowship of the Ring Quizzes
3 quizzes from the unit study that are printed separately for convenience

Ready To Use Resources

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