Fellowship of the Ring Quiz

3 Pop Quizzes for Use With Fellowship of the Ring

Fellowship of the Ring Quiz
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How to Use the Fellowship of the Ring Quizzes

These matching activities are from our "Fellowship of the Ring Unit Study" (information below.) They can be given: They are printed separately (click the picture above to print the file) for maximimum flexibility of use.

The correct answers are printed on the teachers' key in the unit study file.

Book 1 - Chapter 2 Quiz

With this activity, students fill in the number of rings and identify what has happened to them. This information is gleaned from Frodo's conversation with Gandalf in chapter 2.

Students also identify chronologically the order of events in the history of the ring.

These two quiz activities ensure students' are aware of the importance of the ring's history. This is necessary for understanding the rest of the book.

Book 2 - Chapter 2 Quiz

Many citizens of Middle Earth spoke at the Council of Elrond about the problems facing their people. We have listed paraphrases of their concerns. Students match the problem in the left hand with the speaker in the right hand.

Book 2 - Chapters 8 and 9 Quiz

Chapter 8:
Match the gifts of Galadriel in the left hand column to the recipient in the right hand column.

Chapter 9:
Short answer question. Students identify the impact the ring had on each of these characters in the narrative:

More Questions and Activities

Fellowship of the Ring Unit Study Guide

The full unit study provides:

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Fellowship of the Ring Pages at a Glance

Maps Map for the Fellowship of the Ring
Two new maps of Middle Earth and suggestions for other geography resources
Vocabulary Fellowship of the Ring Vocabulary Lists
Vocabulary words and definitions for every chapter
Quotes Fellowship of the Ring Quotes
Great quotes that reveal the personality of some of the characters

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