Sherlock Holmes: The Unit Study

Our Sherlock Holmes unit study provides literary analysis, background infor, reading comprehension questions, fun activities, and vocabulary lists for eight of the most popular stories.

Sherlock Holmes Unit Study

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You don't want to miss this unit study covering these stories.

Adventure of the Speckled Band

Sherlock Holmes in Magnifying Glass

Analysis of The Adventure of the Speckled Band. With this short story students learn about:

Silver Blaze

Silver Blaze Horse in Sherlock Holmes

Analysis of Silver Blaze. It was a who-dunn-it race to the finish-line as Sherlock tries to find who killed the trainer of the champion horse and where that horse has been hidden. Readers will also discover:

The Red-Headed League

The Red Headed League

When a dull-witted client with bright-colored hair shows up with a silly story, Sherlock spots a major crime. In The Red Headed League reader's will spot these clues about Doyle's techniques:

The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb

The Red Headed League

The Adventure of theEngineer's Thumb

has a very different plot structure than the others. In fact, we find a story, within a story, within a story.

Readers have a new opportunity with this tale: to debate if this is one of Doyle's finest stories - or his worst.

The fine-tuned reader will also discover these features lost to casual observers:

The Adventure of The Crooked Man

Adventure of the Crooked Man analysis

How can you get a crimeless mystery AND a victim/bad guy? Check out our analysis of The Crooked Man.

Doyle delivered suspense and changed his plot structure - even though he let his detective do almost all the investigation without Watson or us tagging along.

A Scandal in Bohemia

A Scandal in Bohemia

In this tale we meet Irene Adler. While only appearing in this one story, her presence dominantes the series. Read more about Scandal in Bohemia - one of the most famous of the Sherlock short stories.

Adventure of the Dancing Men

Dancing Men Writing

Dancing Men: is this kids' play or a very dangerous game?

In The Adventure of the Dancing Men analysis, our literary sleuths will discover: Oh yes, and all while enjoying a Sherlock Holmes short story that is set off from the rest - it starts light-hearted and ends dark.

The Final Problem

The Final Problem Title

One of literature's most daring dramas: Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty at Reichenbach Falls. Doyle really took the plunge with this one.

Sherlock Holmes Map Sherlock Holmes Vocabulary List

Tools of the Wide-Eyed Reader of Detective Stories

Our unit study uncovers literary features that put Doyle, Holmes and Watson on the literary hall of fame. Conduct your own investigation and see how many of these you can uncover in each story:

Sherlock Holmes Detective Hat

Buy Sherlock Holmes: The Unit Study

Sherlock Holmes Worksheet Sherlock Holmes Teachers Key
Student Guide AND Teacher's Answer Key Included
$2.99 Download - 183 pages
See below for contents of unit study

Sherlock Holmes Pages

A catalog of our pages on Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes: The Unit Study Sherlock Holmes Unit Study
Our 183 Page Unit Study
of 8 popular stories
Adventure of the Speckled Band Speckled Band
Analyze the compelling mystery of the dangerous whistle in the night in this famous who-dunn-it.
Silver Blaze
Your investigation will uncover the who, the where, and the why of a murdered man and the missing horse.
The Red Headed League Red Headed League
Evaluate how Doyle turned a silly-looking prank into a serious international crime.
Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb Engineers Thumb
Assess if this strange tale is one of Doyle's best - or worst - stories.
Crooked Man
Crooked Man
Analyze who the truly crooked man is in this twisted tale of love and betrayal.
in Bohemia
Scandal in Bohemia
Our analysis uncovers multiple scandals in this internataional drama of love gone wrong.
Adventure of the Dancing Men Dancing Men
Investigate the form and outcome of one of Sherlock's saddest cases.
The Final
Final Problem
An evaluation of Doyle's daring decision and the outcry that followed.
More About Sherlock Consulting Detective
Interesting tidbits about the world's only consulting detective.
More About Dr. Watson Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes
There was more to Dr. Watson's life than the readers understood at first.
List of All Short Stories List of Sherlock Holmes Short Stories
A list of the the Sherlock Holmes short stories and books they were published in.
Sherlock Holmes Quotes
Famous quotes, brilliant sayings, and intriguing insights from Sherlock and company.
Action Plot Summary Summary of Sherlock Action Plot
See how Doyle's unique action plot made Sherlock stories a permanent feature in the halls of classic lit.
Kids and

Sherlock stories for kids
What are the most appropriate Sherlock stories for kids? Check out our recommendations.

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