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All The Cities of Gold

A true story from the 1940's of a girl who crossed the continent with hopes of being reunited with her mother. But first she needs to uncover the events that led to their separation

She Dreams of Being Reunited With Her Mother

by Karen Newell All The Cities of Gold Cover

An unwed mother,
an old world martyr,
and indentured servant...

Will the shadows of her family's past prevent Donna from being reunited with her mother?

But Why Were They Separated?

In 1948 fourteen year old Donna traveled from from Massachusets by train to return to her childhood home in Kansas. There she tried to unravel the threads which led to her separation from her family.

While she is looking for an ally that will allow her to live with mother, other relatives have other plans for her and her brothers.

All The Cities of Gold

A true story for middle school and above that describes one girl's journey to reconnect with her family. Themes in the story include:
  • Family, and the meaning of family
  • Adoption in the early 1900's
  • Kansas history
  • Contrast between the cultures in Kansas and Massachusets
  • Forgiveness & Bitterness
  • Life in transient camps before the Depression
  • Indentured Servants & The Overseers of the Poor
  • Scotland's Killing Time (1680's)

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All The Cities of Gold Cover
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