Classical Childrens Books

Classical Children's Books

Find a Book Your Child Will Love

The best in children's literature: These books have withstood the two greatest tests:

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Classic Literature Tells the Human Story

In the midst of wrong, we search for what is right.

Whether one confronts the forces of nature, the injustices of society, the sinister plot of a twisted mind, or the empty echoes of a lonely heart; our search for good in the midst of wrong continues. Children can open the pages of great stories and see the saga of human life unfold.

Literature Unit Studies

Joan or Arc Student Study Guide Page           Blue Willow Teachers Lesson Plan           Benjamin West Student Teachers Answer Key Page           Golden Goblet Unit Study Page          

Do more than just read the book. Literature Unit Studies provide learning activities so kids can delve into the background and geography of the story. These Classical Childrens Book Unit Studies are from some of our favorite kids books. .

Currently, we have unit studies on: Check back, you never know when we'll be adding more.

Historical Fiction Books by Periods of History

history scroll A great way to learn about the significance of events in from the past, historical fictions also helps kids connect with other cultures and lands. At the same time they are advancing their reading skills and enjoying great stories. Check out these lists of Historical Fiction Books for kids of different ages. They are listed by periods of history.

Classical Children's Book Club

Reading Club Book Lists for 3rd through 8th Grade

7th grade certificate We not only have our top twelve picks of the greatest classical books for each grade, but we also have a Classical Children's Book Club Certificate based on those reading list. Students who read seven of the books on the reading list for their grade earn a Club Certificate. Now that's classy.

Easy Books for Young Readers

Preschool Through Easy Chapter Books

Reading To Children Whether you are sharing a bedtime story with your toddler, trying to find an interesting book for your first and second grader, or searching for an easy chapter book that will spark your growing reader's love for literature, our list of easy reading books will eagerly draw them to their favorite reading chair for another great story.

Themes In Children's Literature

Children often like reading books of their favorite genre. We list books by several popular literary themes including animal stories, nature stories, detective stories, ocean stories and more.

You might also want to check our our lists of

Famous Authors

No study of classical literature is complete without a look at the most famous authors. In our list of authors we present the books and series by several of the premier classic authors. We will also introduce you to some new ones you might not have met yet. Intimidated by Shakespeare? We'll even show you how to make the great bard's plays what he wanted them to be: an entertaining experience and not a dreaded assignment.

Famous Characters and Sets

Does your reader like to stay acquainted with a favorite character? Meet some of the old time favorite series with book after book of literary joy.

Sherlock Holmes

Some Unexpected Help for the Literary-Resistant Student

Yes, I do understand that many students (particularly guys) aren't jumping up and down to read Jane Austin, William Shakespeare, and Henry David Thoreau. But do we have a treat for them!

When taken as a composite, Sherlock Holmes, is a fun-to-read series with some interesting features of classic literature. Start with our quotes from Sherlock Holmes stories and let your literature-shy kids investigate how Arthur Conan Doyle wove elements of classical literature into his popular stories. While many stories have content not advised for younger students, we have provided a list of recommended Sherlock Holmes stories for kids.

Books You Don't Want to Miss

In the Shadow of the Pines

A True Story from the Depression

Shadow of the Pines Cover

In the Shadow of the Pines
tells the true story of sharecroppers in East Texas during the Depression.

Alfred and his family are evicted from their home during the Great Depression and forced to live in a tent in the woods. With everything going wrong, is it even possible for him to keep the promise he made to his dying mother?

All the Cities of Gold

All The Cities of Gold Cover

All the Cities of Gold
is the true story of a teenage girl who journeyed across the country to be reunited with her mother and brothers. When she arrives back in her childhood home, she finds the situation more complicated than she thought.

Stories From Other Cultures

Stories From Around The World Learn about other cultures near and far by reading the stories of their lives and history.

Kaleidos Language Arts

Your Complete Language Arts Curriculum

Kaleidos Language Arts Books

Kaleidos is the Language Arts program for families that love classical literature. Currently available for 3rd - 8th grade, Kaleidos Language Arts provides an exciting, skill-building curriculum based on classic books and creative writing.

Built on the building blocks of literature, writing, grammar, computer, and speaking skills; families have the choice of using the complete program with daily lesson plans OR using only the components they need right now.

More Help for Teaching Literature

Great literature is at the heart of a great education. Not only can you provide the best of children's literature, but you can select the stories and plots that enthuse and motivate.

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