MatchCard Science

The hands-on science unit study you both will love! MatchCard Science Covers

What is MatchCard Science?

A complete science curriculum for 3rd to 8th grade

12 Active Unit Studies

Twelve dynamic unit studies follow the order of creation and get them into science. The units are complete with all objectives needed before high school. The re-usable MatchCards provide a game-like review which keeps them reviewing, learning, and applying science facts and concepts to the world around them. Learning Activities include recommended projects, experiments, discussions, and a wide variety of engaging activities.

Fun for One; Or an Instant Co-op

Whether you are using MatchCards with one student, with a family of kids of different ages, or a co-op group, you will find your students ready to learn. If you are interested in starting a homeschool science co-op or teaching a science unit in an existing co-op; MatchCard Science will provide you with all the tools for success.

Units in MatchCard Science

Light & Energy MatchCard Weather MatchCard Force & Motion MatchCard Geology MatchCard Oceanography MatchCard Chemistry MatchCard

There are twelve units in this homeschool science curriculum. These are the "trunks" of the unit study, and each would take between four and eight weeks to complete. The twelve science unit studies are:

Hands-On Science Curriculum

Astronomy MatchCard Botany MatchCard Zoology MatchCard Human Anatomy MatchCard ONutrition Health Safety MatchCard Technology MatchCard

Who Can Use This?

MatchCard Science is designed for students in 3rd to 8th Grade. Families can use this science unit study for multiple children of different ages studying the same unit. It can also be used for a class or club activity. Choose the objectives appropriate for your student's grade level.

How Does It Work?

All the content is broken into specific objectives and a single MatchCard presents that content. There are between 9 and 18 objectives (and MatchCards) for each unit study. You should choose approximately one to two MatchCards per week.

One Objective: One MatchCard

The objectives and the content to teach the objectives are on the MatchCards. Movable Information Pieces allow students to manipulate the content and show they understand the vocabulary.

Lots of Weekly Activities

The teacher's guide provides multiple activities for each MatchCard. Though the week, you will find yourself doing science demonstrations, playing guessing games, or looking at common objects in an entirely new way.

Choose Additional Resources to Supplement Your Unit Study

Select 3 resources for each of the science unit studies. You may use the suggested resources or choose others from your local library or bookstore. One should serve as the major resource.

One Unit Study Project (Approximately 6 Weeks)

Assign one project. There are a variety of possible projects to choose from. Ideas for projects are listed at the front of the Unit Study in the Steps to Success.

Keep A Unit Study Log

Create a Unit Study Log. This will list what the student has done and includes any pictures, writing, charts, or other projects the students has done. It also includes their science log, review of MatchCards, and bibliography of resources used.

Bonus Points for Your Eager Learners

In addition to the minimum assignment of:

students can also earn bonus points by doing additional projects or readings. This rewards the motivated learner for their efforts, and ensures that the less motivated student achieves at least a minimum level of work to complete a unit of study.

Easy, but effective

"It almost seems too easy!"

After feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work sometimes required by some unit studies, this is a welcome relief. It is not difficult for you and your students to do this in six weeks:

So is it complete?

Yes, at the end of the year the student will have completed a minimum of 36 objectives, read 18 books or articles, and completed 6 science projects. This is a great addition to any portfolio, but was so easy to do. In addition, they took part in fun daily activities for each MatchCard, and have earned bonus points for investigating their favorite topics further, developed their own unit study logs, and proven they have mastered the content.

Master the Content

The content is listed on the MatchCards, and is reviewed through the year. The student does not just read the information in a textbook, take a test, and never see it again. Instead, students review five objectives on the cards several times per week. Not only will they maintain their knowledge base, but students continuously apply those reviewed concepts as they are encountered in other areas of study or in real life.

What is on the MatchCards

There is one MatchCard for each objective. In total, there are over 140 objectives in the 12 subject areas.

Student MatchCard

Earth's Layers Worksheet

The student page states the objective, and gives part of the content. Information pieces are like game pieces that are placed on the correct location on the student's MatchCard. It functions somewhat as a game board, a flashcard, and a quiz combined.

Answer Key

Earth's Layers Answer Key The instructor's key contains all the information on the student page - but the answers are also given in the correct location.

You forgot the difference between hertz and decibels? It is right there on the instructor's page. Sometimes we all need a quick review of the vocabulary. The instructor's page allows you to teach the content with all the necessary information right in front of you.

It is recommended that you keep the MatchCards in plastic page protectors for durability. The Instructor's Guide gives more information on how to set up your MatchCard notebook for durability and review. A FREE DOWNLOAD is available below.

Learning Activities

Each MatchCard comes with several columns of interactive teaching ideas to engage your students. You might start with a fun pop-quiz, make a quick scavenger hunt in your back yard, do an awesome hands-on demo in your kitchen, check out some pics on the internet, then make a chart of items you counted during a trip in the car.

These activities are not science experiments (those require planning and a control group.) Instead, these Learning Activities use readily available materials and keep the tempo active and fun.

Instructor's Guide

The paid download and the softcover edition include the 14 page instructor's guide which give detailed information on how to put together a review notebook of your MatchCards, and how to plan and complete a unit study. This is a separate download for those getting the free edition.

Steps to Success: Unit Study Overview

All editions include a Steps to Success: an overview of the unit study which quickly sums up the information in the Instructor's Guide and gives suggestions specific to that unit. It provides a log for planning and keeping track of activities, a list of the objectives for that study, suggested books, and ideas for science projects.

What Formats Is MatchCard Science Available In?

MatchCard Science is available as a paid download (includes students and teachers materials), as a free download (students' materials only) or as a softcover bound book that is mailed to your home.

MatchCard Science Comparison Poster
Download and softcover have the same content.

We have a free edition of the unit studies which only includes student materials. This allows people to get a closer look at the MatchCards before buying. Other advantages of the free materials includes letting students in co-ops and classes access the student materials, while only their leader needs the Learning Activities and Answer Key.

12 MatchCard Science Unit Studies

Light and Energy Unit Study

MatchCard Light & Energy MatchCard MatchCard

More Information on the LIGHT AND ENERGY Unit Study

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Weather Unit Study

MatchCard Weather MatchCard MatchCard

More Information on the WEATHER Unit Study

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Force and Motion Unit Study

MatchCard Force & Motion MatchCard MatchCard

More Information on the FORCE AND MOTION Unit Study

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Geology Unit Study

MatchCard Geology MatchCard MatchCard

More Information on the GEOLOGY Unit Study

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Oceanography Unit Study

MatchCard Oeanography MatchCard MatchCard

More Information on the OCEANOGRAPHY Unit Study

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Chemistry Unit Study

MatchCard Chemistry MatchCard MatchCard

More Information on the CHEMISTRY Unit Study

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Astronomy Unit Study

MatchCard Astronomy MatchCard MatchCard

More Information on the


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Botany Unit Study

MatchCard Botany MatchCard MatchCard

More Information on the

BOTANY Unit Study

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Zoology Unit Study

MatchCard Zoology MatchCard MatchCard

More Information on the

ZOOLOGY Unit Study

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Human Anatomy Unit Study

MatchCard Human Anatomy MatchCard MatchCard

More Information on the HUMAN ANATOMY Unit Study

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Nutrition Health Safety

MatchCard Nutrition, Health, and Safety MatchCard MatchCard

More Information on the

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Technology Unity Study

MatchCard Technology MatchCard MatchCard

More Information on the


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Instructor's Guide

The instructor's guide for the MatchCard Science Unit Studies will give your more ideas and techniques for using this curriculum. Download the free Instructor's Guide.

More About MatchCard Science Unit Studies

This program uses the Learning Tree Unit Study model as the educational philosophy of this homeschool science curriculum.

learning tree In a nutshell, the components are:

More Information

Check It Out Box

Details on the components of the MatchCard Science Unit Studies.

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