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Write On - homeschool writing curriculum Write On: The Kid Friendly,
Mother Pleasing, Gentle Way to Write

Write On is the gentle homeschool writing curriculum that develops writing skills AND motivates students to write. It sparks the student's interest by offering a wide variety of writing activities which capture their imagination.

Short, simple assignments decrease students' reluctance to write while increasing their confidence by focusing on one specific written skill.

Young writers become eager to share their creations that express their own ideas.

Your students will ENJOY writing.

And you will enjoy WATCHING their success.

"You don't know my child," you may be thinking. Actually, most parents do wonder how their child's writing will ever advance to a college level. Write On has three secrets to success. Month by month, you will see their writing skills progress.

See What Your Students Will Do

Inspire your students with a homeschool writing curriculum that gently leads them to:

Parents Like The Benefits for Them

Parents also enjoy the features of this homeschool writing curriculum. Look what it has for you:

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Our bound edition is an 8 1/2 by 11" soft cover book. 138 pages
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The Unique Format Enhances the Writing Process

Ready-In-A-Minute Page Layout

A Very Popular Feature

Parents and students both love our ready-in-a-minute one-page format. At a glance you will see the following helps with each Write On Lesson:

What Others Are Saying About Write On
Listen to what others are saying: Write On Reviews & Testimonies

How It Works

Many families use Write On as a cookbook. They pick and choose any of the 100 Write On's to assign for the week. Others use it as a systematic writing curriculum, starting at the front, and progressing through to the end. This overview will describe how to use it in a systematic fashion.

Every fifth Write On (lessons divisible by "5") are academic. They reinforce paragraph development and essay construction, and each one deepens those skills.

The academic Write On's should be repeated several times. We don't learn to ride a bike in one try, and we don't learn to write effectively in one assignment. The students will repeat the academic Write On's through the four levels of writing (see below.)

For variety and interest, we do not have the student repeat the same Write On over and over. Instead, between each repetition of the academic Write On, they will do one of the creative Write On's.

The creative Write On's stretch their use of words and phrases to make their writing stronger. They are also fun and imaginative. The order the lessons are done might look like this:
  • Write On 20 Academic - Level One
  • Write On 21 Creative
  • Write On 20 Academic - Level Two
  • Write On 22 Creataive
  • Write On 20 Academic - Level Three
  • Write On 23 Creative
  • Write On 20 Academic - Level Four
  • Write On 24 Creative
This set of assignments would usually take about 4 to 8 weeks.

Of course, as parents working with any curriculum realize, we need to teach the student, not the book. You can deviate slightly (or considerably) from this basic pattern.

Some students benefit from repeating the creative exercises. Many of these creative exercises are beneficial for writing reports about topics they are studying in other subjects.

Obviously, there is nothing magic about the number four. Some strong writers may achieve this level after one or two times. Others may need longer. The curriculum provides the flexibility to meet the needs of each developing writer.

Four Levels of Writing

  • Level One - Beginning: Read the assignment together, discuss it, choose the topic he or she will write about. Let the student dictate their report to you which can be written by hand or keyboard.

  • Level Two - Intermediate: Read, discuss, chose. The student tells you their ideas, and you write the outline. They then write their report, with some assistance if needed.

  • Level Three - Advanced: Read, discuss, chose. You may write down a few key words, including those that are difficult to spell, on an index card. They write their report with minimal or no assitance.

  • Level Four - Mastery: The student writes independently.

Use Write On with ALL Your Students

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Soft Cover

Our bound edition is an 8 1/2 by 11" soft cover book. 138 pages
Instructor's Guide included.
Non-consumable. Shipped to your home.

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How Much Do We Do In One Year?

In the example above, the student did five different Write On's (20, 21, 22, 23, 24). Let's think of that as a "chapter." (But note it is not REALLY a chapter. The lessons may be unrelated to each other. However, let's consider it a chapter in that your student is learning and repeating the academic skill during that time.)

Typically students may do 4 "chapters" (or 20 different Write On's) in one calendar year. Of course, that number may be a little different for every student.

You WILL notice a significant change in your students' writing ability after several three or four chapters.

Where in the book do I start an older student?

Older students may not want to do the easier lessons at the beginning of the book. (Many, however, want to because they are interesting.) If desired, you can use the easier lessons at the front as an introduction to the curriculum, and pick and choose Write On's appropriate for your child. To determine the correct academic level, do the following:
  1. 1. Read every fifth lesson (Academic)
  2. 2. Determine which of the academic lessons best represents your student's writing ability.
  3. 3. Go back to the academic lesson just preceding the one determined in step 2 above.


This may be your most economical homeschool writing curriculum when you consider it is:
  • Non-consumable

  • Provides each student 3 to 4 years of writing assignments

  • Used by all children in a family
  • Includes the instructors guide and evaluation guidelines

  • Teaches high school and college writing skills

  • Motivates reluctant writers - even yours

  • Comes with a 6 month guarantee

Calculate the Cost

You can't beat the price!

How much does it cost per year?
Divide $19.95 by six years - less than $3.50 a year!
And that is for ONE child.
TWO children - less than $2 a year, etc.

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Soft Cover

Our bound edition is an 8 1/2 by 11" soft cover book. 138 pages
Instructor's Guide included.
Non-consumable. Shipped to your home.

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Using Our Homeschool Writing Lessons

Want to see some of the lessons?

For several years we used Write On as our homeschool writing contest. You can read student submissions of their own Write On's and see their work in action.

Can I Use It With More Than One Student At Once?

Yes, Write On was specifically written for use with the unit study approach. It can be used at multiple levels with several students, whether you are using unit studies or a traditional approach.

There are a few ways it can be used as a multi-level curriculum:

Using the same Write On:
Some families have all students using the same writing lesson. However, they all write about different topics, according to their interests and other areas of study.

Same Topic:
Some families who use unit studies may have all students writing about the same topic. For istance, if the unit study is on Japan, all students would write about Japan, but use a different Write On. This makes a great unit study booklet or family newspaper.

Get Creative:
No two families will do the same thing. Write On provides structure, evaluation, creativity, and flexibility. You can confidently use the lessons as you watch the writing level of all your students progress.

Learn More

Instructors Guide

The instructors guide is included for no additional charge. It leads you step by step how to teach your students to write. There are no additional costs to you.

Still Curious?

How can we be confident enough to offer a money-back guarantee? It's not that this book in and of itself guarantees great writing. But it uses a highly successful technique used by every great writing instructor.
Why Write On is successful? Find out here.

Kindergarten Through Second Grade

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