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From Susan Kemmerer, author, School House Publishing

I am really excited about Write On! It is everything the title claims to be! Designed for 3rd - 8th grade, with four levels (beginner through master), this delightful guide integrates with all unit studies and curricula. It is also suitable for multi-level teaching (always a plus). The course contains 100 writing projects from simple sentences to writing a thesis. I wouldn't expect a 3rd grader to write a thesis, so this book could theoretically last you throughout your student's middle school years. In fact, I think this course is so thorough, I plan to use it with my 11th grader. After all, isn't the common complaint something like, "most college students don't know how to compose a simple sentence or paragraph." In Write On each page gives the student some simple objectives, several samples, and a creative writing assignment. I don't think you can get a creative writing program much more simple, thorough, mom-friendly and gentle than this! Compared to other creative writing programs, this one's a real bargain, too! Permission is granted to make copies for your own kids. Write On comes conveniently bound in a 3-ring binder.

Charlotte, On Amazon.com

I started using Write On last fall in our homeschool with my 9 yo and 10 yo. The 10 yo hates writing, and getting her to put anything at all onto paper is a huge undertaking. However, she's had fun with the creative writing "write ons" we've tried. I love that this curriculum doesn't box me in. I can pick and choose activities and a sequence based on where my child is at. There's no need to follow things exactly step-by-step. It's also open-and-go. There's usually no teacher prep at all.

From Jena, at www.custom-homeschool-curriculum

We are enjoying Write On so much! My daughter (10yo) has always hated (I mean hated) writing. Well, that has changed! The first week we used it she thanked me for getting a new writing program. The second week, when I said it was time for writing, she said, "Yeah!" The next day (best of all), she rearranged the order of our subjects so writing was first. WOW!

She LOVES being able to write about anything she wants. She is very creative so being imaginative and adding in some drawing is so her thing. I really like the visual cues for explaining the assignments. She even reads the assignment and gets started on her own. The abundance of white space and graphics is really appealing to her.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this curriculum! It has been a game changer.

Mother of 2 boys

I just wanted to say 'thank you' for Write On. My sons both hated writing until we started your book. Now, they bring Write On to me and want to do the next lesson, even if I don't have writing as one of their assignments for the day.

By Dawn King, Excerpt from The Old Schoohouse

I am very impressed with this program1 I love Karen Newell's method. She gradually leads the student from writing sentences to paragraphs to essays and then compositions. Eventually your student will write a thesis. Even though there are only 100 different lessons, this book has more than enough to last a year or two. You could even repeat the book every year or so.

The course is divided into four skill levels. In Level 1, the parent/coach works together with the beginning student to complete an activity or assignment on a topic that is very familiar to the student. The student and coach discuss how to approach the topic and the coach can even suggest things to write. The coach can write down whatever the student dictates (if necessary); then the student will copy it. This level builds confidence so that the student can move on to Level 2.

The general idea is to have the student move through all four levels for most of the projects in the book. It may take even more than four tries to completely master the skill, or your student may not need to go through all four levels. You can decide which assignments need to be mastered and which are for fun. You may only want to get to Level 2 or 3 the first time around, and that's fine too. This curriculum is very flexible.

I love this concept of the doing the same project multiple times with different topics to achieve mastery. It makes sense and builds confidence in the student. Such a gradual approach is truly a gentle way to learn to write.

Projects include fun things like picture stories, riddles, reports, paragraphs, and essays. Some assignments are preparation for the following lesson. Write On is for multilevel teaching. This non-consumable book can be used from third grade and up. You could even use it with a younger child if you take it slowly. The beginning assignments are fun and low-pressure--a great way to get any writer off to a good start. At $29.95, Write On gives you a big bang for a small price tag!

Cathy Duffy, Excerpt from Cathy Duffy Reviews

Write On!: The Kid Friendly, Mother-Pleasing Gentle Way to Learn to Write was created for homeschoolers to be used with children in grades three through eight over at least three or four years. This self-contained book serves as a teacher’s manual, and no separate student books are needed as long as you are teaching no more than two or three children at a time. (Students need to be able to see the pages with examples of student writing.)

I particularly like the layout of each lesson. They follow a consistent pattern that makes it easy for parents to figure out what to do each time. Each lesson is only one or two pages long. Objectives are clearly stated in a box at the top. The “objectives” box also alerts parents when a lesson is preparatory for the following lesson—teaching a prerequisite skill. This happens occasionally, and those lessons should be used relatively close together. Directions are clearly and simply stated in a box on the left. The bulk of each page features one or more samples of student responses to each assignment so that both parent and student understand what is to be done. Optional ideas are in “clouds” at the bottom of the page. Even when the actual writing assignment is new or unusual, it is simple to figure out. No advance teacher preparation is required aside from reading the eight pages of teaching information before you start using the book.

Susan, Mother from United Kingdom

Thank you so much for 'Write on'. At last my little girl who is dyslexic wants to write. She looks forward to these short writing lessons. I might have to try the spelling ideas next.

Thank you.

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