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List of Authors and Books

The Classical Children's Books list of authors and books is a resource for finding great literature by favorite writers. Find FREE unit studies on this site to go with some of the best loved literary works for kids.

Famous Authors and their Books

Charles Dickens

The hard hearted Scrooge and gentle Tiny Tim, the orphaned Oliver Twist, the cruel Madame Defarge and sweet Lucie Manette: Charles Dickens novels create characters that strike a thread in the human heart and dance in the imagination long after the book is closed.

We have chosen six of the most popular books by Charles Dickens and placed them in a recommended order for youth to read. Start with the well-known Christmas Story and continue through Hard Times.

If your student enjoys the stories of the nineteenth century, encourage them to read on Charles Dickens novel each year.

William Shakespeare

No, Shakespeare never intended his plays to be a form of torture for English students. Here are some fun ideas and resources so that even upper elementary and middle school kids can enjoy Shakespeare plays. We even give you a step-by-step strategy to make a lively Shakespeare Unit Study. Seriously, your kids will look forward to the next Shakespeare play.

Jane Austen

Have a romantic in your house? Those who enjoy the popular Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensibility will take delight in more of Jane Austen's books. We provide discussion questions so students can think past the obvious plots and human motives to consider how social attitudes affect our lives.

Arthur Conan Doyle

Its' elementary! Have fun solving mysteries and investigating classic literature with Sherlock Holmes stories and projects. Join the famous detective of 221 B. Baker St. and his first person side-kick, Dr. Watson as they round up the Victorian era criminals of London.

More Authors

Here are more author's who present our reader's with timeless classics:

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