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Wizard of Oz Lesson Plans

Enliven your Wizard of Oz Lessons with the FREE download of our Unit Study Worksheets. Fun activities, maps, and questions for students in 3rd to 6th grade.

The worksheets from our Wizard of Oz unit include activities for each of the 24 chapters.

You will find: You can print free copies of the 24 page unit study for each student. Teacher's guide is also available for no charge on this site.

The map of the Land of Oz is a separate print out.

wizard of oz emerald castle

Wizard of Oz Lesson Plans

Wizard of Oz worksheets

Chapter One Activities

Adjective Box
Write some adjectives to describe the scenery in Kansas. How does the author portray the land? You may use the words in the book or your own words to describe the setting.

Compare the setting in the book to the words from Home on the Range, the state song of Kansas.

How do the two descriptions of the Kansas prairie compare? Who liked the prairie better, Mr. Baum or the author of the song?

Chapter Two Lesson Plans

Map Making
Following along on a map can help you understand details of a story. On the map you list the people who live in the Land of the East, the Land of the South, and the Land of the West. (You will get to meet them later on.)

  1. Add the names of these people to your map in the location they live where it says "Land of"
  2. Put a smiley face on the North and South where they are ruled by a good witch. Put a frowning face on the East and West where they are ruled by a bad witch.
  3. Add N, S, E, W to the compass rose at the bottom right of the map.
  4. Color the road that leads from the East to the Emerald City. What color is the road?
  5. What color do the Munchkins like? Circle their town way in the east and color it that color.

Wizard of Oz Shoes
silver shoe from wizard of oz What color were the witch's shoes that Dorothy took off her feet? Some details are changed when movies are made. If you have seen one of the movies, watch for other changes.

Color this shoe the same color used in the book.

Wizard of Oz Ideas
The witch did not tell us the name of the people who live in the North. You get to name these people yourself. What would you call them?

Write your name for the people of the north in the "My Idea Box."

Chapter Three Activities

Writing Idea
Before going on her journey, Dorothy went into her house and gathered some things to take. Think a minute. What would you take if you were going into your home for the last time?

Wizard of Oz Scarecrow
make your own scarecrow

The Munchkins dressed their scarecrow in their clothes (of course.) What would a scarecrow look like if you put your clothes on it?

Students can draw decide what clothes they would put on their scarecrow and complete the diagram.

Of course, don't expect any complaints if you decide to make a real scarecrow from straw. A life-size scarecrow is fun to make and fun to dress.

Why is the scarecrow afraid of a lighted match?

Chapter 4 Lesson Plans

Wizard of Oz Quote
When Scarecrow told Dorothy his story, he said this:

Brains are the only things worth having in this world, whether one is a crow or a man.

Do you agree or disagree with his statement?

Dorothy and Scarecrow enter a wood on their journey on the yellow brick road. Draw some trees to represent woods on your map.

Scarecrow's List
For not being very smart, Scarecrow is pretty helpful. You might even wonder if he gives himself credit for his talents. Make a list of some of the things he does that are helpful.

Students should continue to add to this list as other chapters are read. They will discover that Scarecrow really was quite smart and resourceful.

Wizard of Oz Chapter 5

Wizard of Oz Ideas Box
The Tin Woodman was made out of tin. What would you make a man out of? If Scarecrow wanted brains, and the Tin Woodman wanted a heart, what would your man want? Write it in your "Idea Box."

Take a vote. What is more important: Ask ten people and see which answer is most popular.

Chapter 6 Lesson Plans

Wizard of Oz Quotes
Read this quote:

"Have you brains?" asked the Scarecrow.
"I suppose so. I've never looked to see," replied the lion.

What is humorous about this quote?

"You will be very welcome," answered Dorothy, "for you will help to keep away the other wild beasts. It seems to me they must be more cowardly then you are if they allow you to scare them so easily."

"They really are," said the lion, "but that doesn't make me feel any braver, and as long as I know myself to be a coward I shall be unhappy."

From this quote, do you think bullies are brave? Discuss your answer.

Here's The List
Dorothy and her companions are getting quite a list of things they are going to ask the wizard for. Make a list of their requests.

Mar - to spoil or ruin

Write your own sentence with the word "mar" in it.

Tin Man and the Beetle - Multiple Choice Questions
What did Tin Man do when he stepped on the beetle?
a. He laughed.
b. He cried.
c. He blamed the others.

What does that tell you about the Tin Man?
a. He hated bugs.
b. He worried a lot.
c. He cared about living things.

The Scarecrow oiled Tin Man because:
a. He was the only one who knew how to help Tin Man.
b. He wanted to punish Tin Man for stepping on the beetle.
c. He was wasting the oil.

Students should be starting to realize the difference between what Scarecrow and Tin Man believe about themselves and the strengths they really do possess.

Wizard of Oz Chapter 7

The company has to pass two creeks and a long river to continue on their journey on the yellow brick road. The river is drawn for you on your map. Color it blue. You may want to add two thin creeks before the river.

Team Work
It’s a good thing Dorothy has these traveling companions because each one helps the group in some way. Mark in the blank of the task:
  1. Gathered nuts
  2. Offered to hunt for meat
  3. Jumped across the ditch
  4. Came up with the idea to make a bridge
  5. Faced the Kalidahs and kept them from the others
  6. Cut down trees for the bridge
  7. Dumps the end of the tree in the ditch so the Kalidahs can’t cross
  8. Came up with the idea of building a raft
  9. Gathered fruit for Dorothy and Toto
Wizard of Oz Ideas
If you were one of the travelers, how could you help your companions? Think of a dilemma (or problem) and a way you would solve it. Write your ideas in the "My Idea Box."

Chapter 8 Lesson Plans

Draw some poppies on your map between the woods and the city. Or you could color it with yellow, white, blue and purple flowers. (Those were the colors mentioned in the book.)

The Mighty Sleeping Lion
Do you have any ideas on how you might rescue a sleeping lion?

Students might enjoy listening to the song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." Kids associate this song with the movie Lion King, though it actually predates it by many decades.

Chapter 9 Activities

Alike and Different
In this chapter field mice rescue the lion. Have you ever heard other stories of mice saving a lion? Think of how the stories are the same and how they are different.

You might like to read the story "The Lion and the Mouse" outloud from Aesops fables. You might also show a short video or 3 minutes from Youtube. Vocabulary
Indignant - annoyed or angry
Timid - quiet shy
Harnessed - place ropes or straps over shoulders in order to pull something

Can you write a super sentence with all three words? (Okay, if you want you can stop with only two words.)

Chapter 10 of Wizard of Oz

Map Activities
Use greens crayons or colored pencils to color the Emerald City Castle. castle

Make the wall around the Emerald City green as well.

Seeing Green
Why do you think everything is green. Do you have any clues?

You may want to bring in some green or red cellophane to let them experiment.

Chapter 11 Activities

Draw the Wizard
The travelers saw the wizard in different forms. Draw what they saw in the four boxes.

Do What?
What did the wizard ask each of them to do? If you were with Dorothy and her friends, what would you say?

Wizard of Oz Chapter 12 Lessons

They encounter rough, hilly country as the party heads west. Draw some hills on your map west of the Emerald City. Draw the witch's castle. What is the favorite color of this land? Color the area that color.

3 Column Matching
Draw a line from the enemies on the left, to their way of attacking Dorothy and her friends in the middle, then to the character who defeated them on the right. If you want, you can use four different colors to make the lines easier to follow.

First Column: Second Column: Third Column:

Here is the wicked witch's chant:

Eppe peppe kakke
Hillo hollo hello
Zizzy Zuzzy Zik

Can you write your own chant?

Multiple Choice Questions
Why did the witch not want to call the monkeys with the Golden Cap?
a. She could only call them three times and she had already called them twice.
b. She was afraid the lion would hurt the monkeys.
c. She did not want Dorothy to see the Golden Cap.

What two things did Dorothy have that protected her from the witch?
a. The Golden Cap and the silver shoes
b. The silver shoes and the kiss
c. The Golden Cap and the kiss
d. Toto and the Golden Cap


Read the activities for Wizard of Oz Unit Study Chapters 13-24 activities. Continue reading the book, making the map, and answering questions as you travel with Dorothy and Company.

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Activities for your Wizard of Oz Unit Study

Our Wizard of Oz Lessons & Worksheets

Wizard of Oz worksheets Wizard of Oz worksheets

You are going to want to use our free worksheets that help you travel the yellow brick road and beyond with Dorothy and her friends. A variety of fun and interesting activities will keep your students focused and engaged. Make your adventure through Oz fun and meaningful for your students and you.

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