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Classical Childrens Books

Wizard of Oz Worksheets

Everything You Need for a Wonderful Trip to Oz

Student Copy of the Wizard of Oz Worksheets

Wizard of Oz worksheets - chapter 1-12

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Your FREE copy of the 24 page download can be printed by clicking the image above. Puzzles, writing questions, sketching, discussion questions and reading comprehension activities provided for the 24 chapters.

Do you want to see the activities on these pages?

Teacher Key of the Wizard of Oz Worksheets

Wizard of Oz worksheet- chapter 13-24
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This is modified from the student pages to give you answers in red print. Additional suggested activities are also included.

Maps of the Land of Oz

Student Map of Oz

Teacher Key: Map of Oz
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Teacher's Answer Key for Map of Oz

Teacher Key: Map of Oz
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More Activities

For students who particularly enjoy the Wizard of Oz book, there are more events in Oz to entertain. See our other Wizard of Oz Activities including critiquing old and new movies and reading more of the 14 books in the Oz series.

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