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Wizard of Oz Unit Study

Join us in OUR journey through the mystical land of Oz in this Wizard of Oz Unit Study.
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3 Activities for your Wizard of Oz Unit Study

Our Wizard of Oz Lessons & Worksheets

Wizard of Oz worksheets Wizard of Oz worksheets

You are going to want to use our free worksheets that help you travel the yellow brick road and beyond with Dorothy and her friends. A variety of fun and interesting activities will keep your students focused and engaged. Make your adventure through Oz fun and meaningful for your students and you.

Watch the Wizard of Oz

Give your students who enjoyed the book a real treat. Let them become movie critics of the different screen plays of Wizard of Oz. When possible, I recommend starting with the earliest version filmed and moving forward. In case our links below are not working (Amazon changes them too quickly for us to keep up) look for the We will skip the pre-1925 silent versions, as well as the Muppet Puppet, Tom & Jerry, and Veggie Tales versions of the great wizard. (Of course, they will be waiting for any who so desire to indulge in such animated action.)

Have your young movie critiques note the differences between the different versions as well as the differences from the original book.

Read the Entire Oz Series

Rome wasn't built in a day; and neither was Oz. In fact it took 20 years to create and publish the series, with the last few books published after L. Baum's death. The stories include:

Wizard of Oz Unit Study - Chapters 13-24

Wizard of Oz worksheets

Here we have the questions and activities in our Wizard of Oz printable unit study for chapters 13 to the end. See the links at the top of this page to view the activities for the first 12 chapters or to print the student and teacher's edition of the worksheets.

Chapter 13 Activities

Color The World
Colors are an important part of the book. Remember what color the Munchkins in the east liked?

And what color do the Winkies in the west like? What do you get when you mix those two colors?

What color is the Emerald City? Do you think that was an accident or on purpose?

Crossword Puzzle
Wizard of Oz crossword puzzle
Fill in the crossword puzzle with the gifts that the Winkies gave to the travelers.

Chapter 14 Wizard of Oz Unit Study

East to West
Dorothy and her companions tried to use the sun to help guide them back to the Emerald City. The sun could help them in the morning and afternoon, but not directly at noon when the sun was straight overhead. Let's review the basic rules to help them.

The sun rises in the (east/west) and sets in the (east/west).

If you are traveling east in the morning you should go (towards/away from) the sun, but if you are going east in the afternoon you need to go (towards/away from) the sun.

Of course, that means if you are traveling west you would be heading directly into the sun during the (morning/afternoon).

Chapter 15 Lesson Plans


Kansas-Nebraska Map
Kansas Nebraska map
This map shows that Nebraska is north of Kansas in the Great Plains of the USA. Circle the correct answers.

Multiple Choice
How did the wizard get to the Land of Oz?
  1. Tornado
  2. Winged Monkeys
  3. Hot air balloon
  4. Witches spell

Chapter 16 Unit Study Activities

Bran or Brains
Bran is the outer part of a grain of wheat. It is removed when white flour is made from wheat. Look at bran in your kitchen if you have it. Otherwise look at a picture of bran on the internet.

Circle Your Opinion. Would it be better for the scarecrow to have: Optional: Bring in whole grain of wheat and a jar of bran.

Courage in Bottle

The wizard poured courage from a bottle. Wouldn't it be great if it was that easy to get courage?

What if you could put anything in this bottle: courage, humor, wisdom, patience, talent. What would you like to be in the bottle?

Dorothy's Dilemna
A dilemma is a problem. The wizard helped the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Lion. What is Dorothy's dilemma?

Chapter 17 Wizard of Oz

The Green Hot Air Balloon
hot air balloon

It's fun to see colorful hot air balloons racing across the sky. But our wizard likes only one color: green.

He used dark green, medium green, light green, and forest green material to make his balloon.

Color his balloon various shades of green. Or maybe you would like to show him what a multi-colored balloon would look like.

Up, Up, Up
Hot air rises. So why do they heat air to fly a hot air balloon?

Wizard of Oz Ideas
We never hear from the wizard again in this story. What do you think happened to him? Write it in your "My Ideas Box."

Chapter 18 Wizard of Oz Unit Study

Multiple Choice
Dorothy tries to use the help of all of these EXCEPT:
  1. Golden Cap
  2. Glinda
  3. Lion’s Courage
  4. Winged Monkeys

Chapter 19 Activities

Between the Emerald City and the Land of the South, the party travels through three different areas. Add these to your map. Don't make your pictures too big.

Chapter 20 Wizard of Oz

An idiom is a figure of speech. There are some figures of speech in the first few paragraphs of Chapter 20.

"Rest your brains" - Don't worry
"Answer their purpose" - Works for them

Here are some more modern figures of speech
"Give me a break"
"Slept like a baby"
"Cracked me up"
Keep your eyes open for idioms.

Add some china houses, barns, or animals in China Country.

My Idea Box
Is there a better way to get over the wall into China Town? Write it in the Idea Box.

Descriptions, Please
Choose which adjective describes the people of China Country when they first meet them. Circle the word in each row that correctly describes them.

Chapter 21 Activities

Add the forest south of China Country and north of the Land of the South. Your map is getting very full now.

Sketch a Scary Spider
Read the description of the spider in the fourth paragraph from the end of the chapter. Make a sketch of the spider and include as many details from the story as you can.

Your Majesty, the Lion
What did the Lion become to the animals of the forest? Complete the words in the puzzle.

Wizard of Oz Idea Box
The Hammerheads are very unusual creatures. They are made of rock. They have no arms. They hit people with their heads. How imaginative the author was in creating them.

Create your own kind of creature. Some parts of its body should be very different. One part may be missing. What can they do that you and I can't do?

The Munchkins liked blue. The Winkies liked yellow. What color do the Quadlings like?

Circle their country with that color and shade it in lightly.

Chapter 22 Wizard of Oz

Dreams Come True
Dorothy and her friends got more than what they asked for. In addition to the things they sought from the wizard, what else did her friends gain?

Chapter 23 Wizard of Oz Unit Study

What else did Dorothy get that she had not looked for?

The Story Isn't Over
Did you notice that Frank Baum did not tell us very much about the Land of the North? We don't know the witches name, the people she ruled, or their favorite color. Maybe Mr. Baum was waiting for you to help him finish the story. What do you think happened in the Land of the North after Dorothy returned to Kansas?

You don't think you can write a story like that? Actually, the author, L. Frank Baum, did not write the story all at once. He told many stories about the Land of Oz to children who kept asking him to tell them more. He eventually put all his stories together and wrote the book, The Wizard of Oz.

I think you can do the same thing. In fact, if you go back and read your ideas in the Wizard of Oz Idea Boxes throughout this unit study, you will find you already have a head start.

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Wizard of Oz worksheets
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