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Want to see your children reading great books? Our Classical Children's Book lists outstanding literature for children by literary themes. Also look for books grouped by age, people and places, or era in history.

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The best way to develop great readers is to find great children's reading books. And the halls of classic literature have the stories that inspire and entertain.

Gallant heroes and heroines, devious villains, action and suspense fill the well-worn pages - along with a desire to live life to its fullest.

And because readers are different, we have classified books according to many popular themes in classical literature. If they like one book in a category, they will probably enjoy others in that list as well.

Dog Stories

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Nothing warms the heart like a story of a loyal dog and a favorite child. Listed are some of the best known dog stories.

Horse Stories

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When they were a primary source of transportation, a horse was like a member of the family. Many of the classical horse stories recount tales of love and adventure.

Dragon Stories

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Frightening to friendly, these flying creatures stir the imagination. Read the adventurous tales about dragons from the middle ages.

Other Animal Stories

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Rabbits, raccoons, birds and other creatures have been the stars in best loved animal stories. Almost all children like animals which makes them favorite topics for children's reading books.

Our list of nature stories showcases animals in their natural habitat, often with people or perhaps without.

Tales of the Sea

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Sailing the high seas, traveling the world, dangers lurking on land and at sea fill ocean tales with excitement for adventure-loving readers.

Funny Stories For Kids

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If laughter is the best medicine, than our list of funny childrens' reading books will keep your young readers healthy.

Overcoming Disabilities

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It is encouraging to read stories of children overcoming disabilities. Their example and adventures motivate others to succeed in all circumstances.

Detective Stories

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Have a detective or law-enforcement fan in your house? Detective stories are filled with mystery and adventure. Kids love to read the clues and figure out who dun it.

Christmas Stories

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For many it is the most beautiful time of the year. This list of classic christmas stories shares best known tales of the holiday.

Christian Literature

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The selection of classic Christian literature provides children's reading books on faith and family. Most of these were written more than 100 years ago and continue to inspire and instruct.

Fables and Tales

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Fables are short stories that teach lessons on character. Often using animals and nature, books of short fables make great bedtime or after dinner stories for families.

Fairy Tales

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Fairy Tales are one of the oldest genres of stories. The presence of good and evil, wicked witches and dangerous trolls cause a suspenseful tale before the "happily-ever-after" ending occurs.

Romantic Stories

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When they have outgrown the princess stories but still enjoy the romance, peruse this list of classic romances for young readers.

Stories About Midwives

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A list of popular and classic midwife stories for children and young adults. From ancient times until the present, midwives were among the few who went into all the homes and witnessed family life from the beginning and often until the end.

More Great Childrens' Reading Books

We hope this list of classic children's literature by themes helps you find the best books for your readers. But we have even more.

Classic Childrens Book Club

We have selected a variety of classic books for each grade between third and eighth grade for our Classic Children's Book Club. A range of different types of stories appeals to both girls and boys. By reading any seven books on the list, a reader can earn a classic literature certificate.

Literature through the Ages

Historical fiction and true stories from history are listed by era. This is a great way for kids to comprehend how the big events in history impacted the lives of the ordinary citizens.

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