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World War 2 Stories

WW-2 Era Literature for Children

This list of World War 2 stories for kids allows children to understand the lives of those who lived in the WW-Two Era.

Twenty and Ten

By Claire Huchet Bishop

Based on a true story in Nazi occupied France
Twenty children living in a rural school in France agree to hide 10 Jewish children from the Nazis. But soon they realize it is real danger and not just a game. A Twenty and Ten Unit Study is available on this site.

Twenty and Ten Unit Study Download

Bright April

By Marguerite de Angeli

True Story
Reading Level: 3rd grade and under
Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsyvlania
Themes: Friendship, Race
A ten year black girlscout living in Philadelphia experiences racial prejudice. Published in 1946, this book was ground breaking in sharing the story of the struggle of African American children with other children.

In The Shadow of the Pines

By Karen Newell

True Story
Reading Level: 4th to 8th Grade
East Texas
Themes: Family, Perseverence in Hard Times
As part of the Berlin Airlift, Alfred dropped food to the people on the other side of the Berlin Wall. As an airmen, he recalled the hunger and poverty of his own family in the Great Depression, and the promise he made to his mother that he must fulfill.

From Anna

Jean Little

Historical Fiction
Family moves from Germany to Canada
Reading Level: 4th - 8th Grade
Anna is a Jewish girl living in Germany whose family migrates to Canada. Anna has difficulty learning and doing things others do and worries about moving to another country. But new opportunities are waiting for her when she discovers she has a vision problem that can be helped.

The Diary of Anne Frank

By Anne Frank

This is the real diary, originally written in Dutch, of a Jewish girl who was with her family in hiding from the Nazis during the years the diary was written. She later died in a concentration camp. Her father was the sole survivor, and had her diary published.

Farewell to Manzanar

By Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston and James Houston

Japanese internment camp, USA
True Story
The author was twelve years old when she and her family were held in Manzanar, one of the interment camps for Japanese during World War II. This is her story of how her upbringing and famiy life were permanently affected by the experience. While Jeanne was able to continue school, club activities, even baton and ballet lessons; she watched as her father's health and independence crumbled.

Other Stories from World War II Era

A list of books about the holocaust describes books about children and about adults who lived through the Nazi persecution of Jews.

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