Bible Reading Plans

Scripture Reading Plans for Kids and Adults

Five different daily Bible reading plans are available on this page for kids and adults. The childrens plans provide selected readings of either 5-verses-a-day or 15-verses-a-day plans. The daily readings for older kids and adults have a chapter a day from three major sections of the Scriptures. These Plans Can be Cut into Bookmarks.

Bible Reading for Kids

Through the Bible in 5 or 15 verses a day

Primary Bible Reading Plan

The primary plan is appropriate for 2nd to 3rd grade readers. The student reads approximately five verses each day. Each daily reading will be from a monthly theme. There are 12 different monthly themes from different parts of the Old and New Testament.

Primary Bible reading plan

The 12 monthly themes include: Each of the 12 themes has 30 daily readings. They can be read in any order.

Intermediate Bible Reading Plan

This is a great tool for 4th to 5th graders to read through the Scriptures. Each daily reading consists of approximately 15 verses. There are 30 daily readings from a monthly theme. The monthly themes are taken from different parts of the Old and New Testament.

intermediate Bible reading plan

They include: Each of the 12 themes has 30 daily readings. They can be read in any order.

Bible Reading For Older Kids and Adults

One Chapter A Day

There are a total of three plans that include one chapter a day from three main parts of scripture: Old Testament History; Old Testament Writings; and New Testament.

A person can read one chapter a day from each of the three plans, which would cover the entire Bible in one year.

As an alternative, they may chose one part of the Bible each year and read through that plan in one year. It would take three years to cover the entire Bible.

Another option is to read through the New Testament each year, and alternate between Old Testament History and Old Testament Writings. That would include reading two chapters each day of reading.

Remember, these free Bible reading plans can be cut or folded into
books marks for your convenience.

New Testament Bible Reading Plan

New Testament reading plan
Free download of the NEW TESTAMENT AND PSALMS reading plan

New Testament and Psalms Reading Plan
This reading plan gives 365 daily readings from January 1st through December 31st. There is one chapter per day, which is a great start for reading through the Bible for 5th graders and above. To add variety to the student's reading, the four gospels are separated with New Testament epistles between them. The year concludes with the Book of Psalms.

Old Testament History Books

Old Testament History reading plan
Free download of the OLD TESTAMENT HISTORY reading plan

Old Testament History Reading Plan
Like the New Testament Reading Plan, this plan has 365 daily readings, each of one chapter. In one year, the student will read through the historical books of the Old Testament.

Old Testament Writings: Poetry and Prophecy

Old Testament Writings reading plan
Free download of the OLD TESTAMENT WRITINGS reading plan

Old Testament Writings
This reading plan also has 365 daily readings of one chapter each. They are from the prophetic and literary books of the Old Testament. The Book of Psalsms, however, is included in the New Testament plan in order to divide the Bible into three separate readings.

How to Use the 3 One-day reading plans

For many years I read three chapters a day with the goal of reading through the all of the Scriptures each year. I did not always achieve my goal. At times, as I was wading through family genealogies, I found it dry and difficult to stay focused for three chapters. It became more interesting to read one chapter from each of the three sections outlined above.

With time, I found that I prefered reading through the entire New Testament every year, and through half the Old Testament once a year. That would take me two years to complete all books.

There is no single 'correct' way to use these or other Bible reading plans. We hope they enrich your families' reading of the Scriptures.

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