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The title says it all!

Even reluctant writers WANT to participate

Last year Jeremy would sit staring out the window wondering what to write, an empty page in front of him and a chewed up pencil in his hand. No longer! Write On builds motivation and confidence. Now he asks to write, and is enthusiastic to share his writing projects.

Let's See It Work!

We have been using selected Write On's for our homeschool writing contest. This is a great way for you to see how students develop their own writing skills and explore their own interests with Write On.

April to June 2010: Dialogues From Days Gone By

January 10, 2010 to March 15, 2010: Introductions and Conclusions

August to December 2010: Character Sketch

January to April 2011: Persuasive Writing: Organizing Advantages

From simple sentences to writing a thesis: Write On leads the way

The first few lessons start with simple words and sentences. By Lesson 100 the students are writing a thesis. In between they explore a diverse number of ways of expressing themselves.

Paragraph Development

Paragraph development is a strong feature of this curriculum. Every 5th lesson is academic and reinforces paragraph development while building and expanding new skills.


In between the academic lessons, numerous creative writing assignments will stretch vocabulary and develop the student's unique writing voice.

Four Levels of Writing

Start a lesson by having the student dictate his or her ideas to you. As students progress through the four levels, they will be outlining and writing independently.

Age Level

This curriculum was developed for the 3rd through 8th grade. Younger writers may be able to use the first ten lessons. The last twenty lessons develop high school writing skills and are useful for secondary students.

Easy to Use

Our one page format is user friendly for both the instructor and the student. No lengthy lesson plans, just open to the page and begin the writing adventure together.


Write On will take your students into the high school years. Since it is non-consumable and used by for multiple years by all students in a family, it is probably the most affordable writing curriculum available.

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Watch your student's writing take off
  • Visually appealing lessons
  • A simple one-page model
  • Variety in every lesson
  • Practice with each skill
  • Creative and academic writing

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