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Jan - March 2010 Writing Contest

17 essays submitted for the writing contest using Write On 55: Character Sketch.
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How to Write A Character Sketch

Write On 55 gives 3 simple steps to writing a great character sketch. In addition to helping students produce a great character sketch essay, it also helps develop strong paragraph development.

3 Simple Steps to Writing A Character Sketch

Here are the three simple steps used in Write On 55:

The 2010 Character Sketch Contest

August 1, 2010 to December 1, 2010

Contest Details
Writing A Character Sketch
This homeschool writing contest starts August 1, 2010 and concludes December 1, 2010. All submissions must be received by December 1, 2010.

The contest will judge the ability to develop a character sketch.

You will need Write On #55 from Write On: The Kid Friendly, Mother Pleasing Gentle Way to Learn to Write. You may use it from the text or download it here.

Each entry should be between 150 and 500 words.

You may choose any person living or dead. It should be a real person, however, and not a fictitious character.

The character sketch should include between three to six adjectives describing the character.

Essays will be judged on quality of writing, descriptive sentences, paragraph cohesiveness, and writing style.

Read the Character Sketches Submitted by our Contestants

Mason (9) - The Character of George Mason

Anna (9) - Thomas Edison: Be Thankful

Josiah (10) - Orville Wright: Famous and Inventive

Josh (10) - The Good and Bad Qualities of Anthony Wayne

WINNER Anna (10) - Teddy Roosevelt: An Amazing Man

Madeline Rose (11) - Martha Washington

Tanner (11) - The Character of Daniel Boone

Mary Elaine (11) - Martha Washington

Brooks (11) - Character Qualities of Benjamin Franklin

Emily (11) - Betsy Ross: The Woman Who Sewed Our Country Together

Isaiah (12) - George Washington: Father of Our Country

Geneva (13) - Archimedes: Finishing the Problem

Kayli(14) - Character Qualities of Gladys Alward

Rebeca(14) - The Character Qualities of Noah Webster

Serena (14) - Corrie Ten Boom

WINNER Abbi (15) - Carl Gorman: Navajo

Alyssa (17) - Noah Webster: A Man of Many Words

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