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Martha Washington

by Madeline Rose Knight (11)
(Columbia, S.C.)

On Martha Dandridge's 11th birthday, she got a new horse. She convinced her mother that she could ride the horse all the way to her cousin's house without getting her clothes wet and dirty. She jumped a very tall hedge in front of her cousin's house. This was unheard of for a girl at that time. She arrived at her relative's home proud of being such an advenurous girl. However, she was sopping wet and muddy from having to go across a river.

When she grew up, her second husband became George Washington. He was away at war and she rode in a carriage for many weeks during a winter of snow and ice just to see him. This required her to be brave, especially since she was a mother with two children.

Martha Washington's adult son died, leaving his wife with four children. She decided to adopt two of her grandchildren to help her daughter-in-law not be so burdened. It was also because she was a very loving mother.

1. adventurous
2. brave
3. loving

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