The One of a Kind Homeschool Writing Contest

Writing Contests

For several years we used different Write On's to host a writing contest for homeschool students. Read the submissions to see how young writers developed their essays.

Chronological Essay

Writing contest

The Chronological Essay was held from November 2012 to March 2013. Nine students demonstrated how to create a chronological essay by constructing a timeline of a historical event. This contest was based on Write On 61 and 62.

Expository Essay

contest outline

Write On 21 shows an effective way to develop a first expository essay. Students used the 5 W's (who, what, when, where, why) in the Fall 2011 writing contest.

Persuasive Writing

Writing contest outline

How do you get students to write a persuasive essay? In the Spring 2011 writing contest, the writers used Write On 40 to organize advantages in order to produce a persuasive essay

Character Sketch

Writing contest page

The five steps of Write On 55 were used to develop a character sketch from a famous person in history. Seventeen writers submitted essays about heroic individuals and their accomplishments for our Fall 2010 contest.

Chronological Essay

Writing contest

Fifteen young students had fun narrating history by writing dialogue. Write On 28 was the basis for the Spring 2010 contest.

Introductions and Conclusions

contest page

Our first contest in Winter 2010 taught students how to create introductions and conclusions to make their writing more interesting and effective.

Analytical Essay

writing outline

Write On 70 is the 3 Source Report. It shows students how to take three different sources and critically examine them as they report on the same subject. Two students demonstrated critical analysis of their chosen topis:

Three Source Report

This contest judges a student's ability to critically analyze three different sources about a single subject of their choice.

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