Chronoloigical Essay

The Chronological Essay from Write On #61 and 62 was the focus of our 2012 - 2013 Writing Contest. Writing contest

Fall & Winter 2012-2013

Winners Announced

Winner - Age 8 - 10: The Sinkable Unsinkable Ship - Jack, Age 9
Winner - Age 11-15: Life In A Shell - Geneva, Age 15

Winning essays were selected based on ability to use a chronological time-line to develop an essay.

All of our writers showed strong paragraph development and organization of ideas. Many examples of high quality of writing style are below. Congratulations to all of our writers for great essays.

Read the Submissions Below

Check out the submissions of our contestants. You can comment on the submissions as well.

Submitted Essays

Here are the essays from the developing authors:

Winner Geneva, 15 Not rated yet
Life in a Shell Hidden in a small, dirty-white shell lies a tiny dot that holds all the ingredients for life. Through an exciting twenty-one …

Winner Jack, Age 9 Not rated yet
The Sinkable Unsinkable Ship Are icebergs our enemies? Two thousand two hundred and six people were on the safest ship ever built and when it hit an …

Liam,12 Not rated yet
Gotcha Day Every year on December 13, my family and I celebrate Gotcha Day. Gotcha Day is when my parents came to China and adopted me. …

Isaiah, age 14 Not rated yet
Taken Off the Shelf Hidden, as it were, deep in the pages of an ancient manuscript, the true story and lesson of Andrew Jackson, the seventh …

Alyssa, 9 Not rated yet
The Battle of Yorktown In the Revolutionary War, the Americans and the British fought. The Americans fought for freedom from British rule. The …

Emily, 9 Not rated yet
The Spanish Armada Trying to defeat England was hard. Even our Armada couldn’t defeat them. The journey we took from France to England in …

Josiah, age 12 Not rated yet
First In The Hearts Of His Countrymen On February 22, 1732, the greatest American hero was born. His name was George Washington. The son …

Anna, age 11 Not rated yet
A Tree-mendous Cycle Hidden on the ground, perhaps even in your backyard, are acorn seeds that you may have …

Sarah, age 9 Not rated yet
A Genius Who Changed the World Do you like to ask questions? Are you fond of making experiments to learn the answers? If so, then you …

Contest Details

The writing contest is based on Write On 61 and 62. You can print the lessons and the rules below.
This homeschool writing contest starts November 24, 2012 and concludes February 28, 2013. All submissions must be received by February 28.
Essays will be submitted at this site. They will be published on this site March 1, 2013.
Winners will be announced here March 9, 2013.

Writing contest outline Writing contest directions

There will be two age groups

The winner of each age group will receive a one-half ounce silver Walking Lady Liberty half dollar. Please note rules regarding mailing addresses below.

The contest will judge the ability to develop a chronological essay.

You will need Write On #61 and 62
from Write On: The Kid Friendly, Mother Pleasing Gentle Way to Learn to Write.




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