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Alyssa, 9

by Alyssa Swann
(San Diego, CA)

The Battle of Yorktown

In the Revolutionary War, the Americans and the British fought. The Americans fought for freedom from British rule. The Americans wanted their freedom because the British were taxing them unfairly. The war started in 1775 and lasted almost 7 years. The last battle in the revolution was historically significant. It was the Battle of Yorktown.

Before the last battle, the Americans weren’t doing good. They had won a couple battles like the Battle at King’s Mountain, but they were running out of supplies. Thankfully, the French helped them and gave them soldiers and supplies.

The plan for battle was for the Americans to make sure no British could get in or out of Yorktown, Virginia. First, the Americans would surround them and the French would make sure no one came in or out of the bay. Then, they would start attacking them. This would make the British weaker.

In the battle, things went according to plan. The Americans surrounded the British and closed off all exits and entrances. Then, they shot down the fort walls with cannons and guns until the walls crumbled. Then, they attacked until the British surrendered.

The battle was gruesome and bloody. After the Americans won at Yorktown, the British realized that they didn’t have enough food, supplies and soldiers. They were forced to surrender.

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