Writing Introductions and Conclusions

Jan - March 2010 Writing Contest

Participants used Write On #37 to develop introductions and conclusions.
writing contest details
The Winners Announced!
Look for the winning entries for contestants writing Introductions and Conclusions (ages 7 - 11; 12 - 16.)

Note from the Judges
Two judges independently evaluated all entries and came up with the same winners. They did state that it was difficult because there were many great entries. The winners were selected because their introductions and conclusions did two things:

Tools our writers used:

All of our writers, not just the winners, used some tool or word phrase to rouse interest. Here are some things they used: Read the submissions below to see HOW the writers incorporated these tools into their paragraphs.

Contest Details

The contest started January 10, 2010 and concluded March 15, 2010.

The contest judged the ability to write an interesting introduction and conclusion about a subject of the writer's choice.

It is based on Write On #37 from Write On: The Kid Friendly, Mother Pleasing Gentle Way to Learn to Write.

Submissions are below.

Age 7 - 11: Isaiah: "All Cracked Up"
Age 12 - 16: Belinda: "Composing A Distinguished Essay"

Here are the Introductions and Conclusions written by our participants:

Closed March 15, 2010

Belinda, 16 WINNER 
Composing A Distinguished Essay Today's homework assignment: write five paragraphs on the most boring subject you could possibly have. The teacher wants …

"The peculiar evil of silencing the expression of an opinion is, that it is robbing the human race; posterity as well as the existing generation." (On …

Morgan, age 8 years 
Sharks "Da da da da dadaadaaaa." We were in Hawaii in 2004, and my cousin Summer was scared to get in the water. As you might have guessed, …

Haddon, age 11 
Sometimes I enjoy thinking about what I would do if I were president. I think I would try to do three things to make America a better place to be. I would …

Anna, age 9 
Are you not learning enough with just books and papers? Do you want something different to do all day instead of the same routine again and again? Go to …

Rachael 11 years 
Words That Give Hope "I'm not concerned with your liking or disliking me... All I ask is that you respect me as a human being." Jackie Robinson …

Maria age 11 
One of the world's most intriguing and endangered creatures, the snow leopard, is my favorite animal. Endangered since 1970, its population has only decreased …

Molly (age 13) 
"What will become of my reputation?" asked Scarlet O'Hara as she danced with Rhett Butler. "With enough courage," he replied, "one can do without a …

Isaiah, age 11, WINNER 
All Cracked Up Have you ever heard the story of the three eggs, only one of which was good? Too bad! Strangely jokes are not only funny but also psychologically …

Geneva 12 
The Way Books Ought to Be Interesting, inspiring, and instructive, books contribute greatly to our lives. Throughout the history of the earth, books …

Jaden, 10 
Cluck! Cluck! Cluck! How would you like to have a pet that is sweet and kind and gives you eggs? Chickens are all the above. You can keep a chicken …

Daniel, 14 
Dying and living is something many people overlook. When they are alive, most people do not take life as a gift from God. Some people …

Callie 11 
Slip, slide, BOOM! Be careful when you are driving so that you don't experience this yourself. Here are four ways to help you prevent a car crash. …

INTRODUCTION Tree is essential for our whole world.So tree plantation is essential job for us. My essay's topic is why plant trees?we …

Ethan, 10 
Why LEGOs are better than Mega Blocks You decide to give your son a Mega Blocks set for …

Alyssa (16)  
In an instant of metal careening into metal, lives can be changed forever for the worse. Broken bones. Brain damage. Death. To thousands of people who …

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