Ethan, 10

by Ethan Ronk
(Coronado, California)

Why LEGOs are better than Mega Blocks

You decide to give your son a Mega Blocks set for his birthday. When it is his birthday, your son rips open the wrapping paper, and dumps out all the bricks from the box on the living room rug. As he finishes building the Mega Blocks car, he says, "Hey dad look at this!" He runs over to you and shows you his cool car. You say, "Thats cool son." And you push it on the rug. As you push it on the floor, the cheap bricks are lose and it falls apart in your hands as your son starts to cry. Thats why if you're giving a gift to some one you love, give them a LEGO set which is much better quality than Mega Blocks.

1) The color of LEGO bricks do not fade color in the sun like Mega Blocks do.

2) LEGOs do not fall apart and are better quality than Mega Blocks.

3) There are TONS of different kinds of sets that you can buy from LEGO and there's barely any sets that you can buy from Mega Blocks.

No one wants their loved ones to be unhappy on their birthdays, so buy them a LEGO set since they wont fade in the sun, they will not fall apart, and there are so many different kinds of LEGO sets to choose from to make a smile appear on your son's face.

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Mar 18, 2010
So right
by: Geneva

I love Legos too - they are the best birthday gift in the world!

P.S. My Birthday is March 20th, hint, hint!

Mar 16, 2010
Cool story
by: Christina

I love this story and it is so true. Legos are MUCH better than Mega Blocks.

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