Isaiah, age 11, WINNER

by Isaiah Matthew Durand
(Concepcion Chile)

All Cracked Up

Have you ever heard the story of the three eggs, only one of which was good? Too bad! Strangely jokes are not only funny but also psychologically important. Because good humor relieves stress, improves attitudes, and helps the brain, it is actually a very necessary part of education. Since smiles make learning easier, faster, and more enjoyable, teachers should crack students up from time to time. Laughing is powerful!

1. Psychological Relief in Brain
2. Improves Attitudes and Feelings
3. Relieves Stress

Have you heard the story of the bed? It hasn’t been made yet! Laughing at that joke, which psychologically helped your brain, also improved your attitude and relieved your stress. Clearly the improving of your attitude is the most important because with a good attitude people are happier and work harder. Since jokes are good for you, tell two and call me in the morning!

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Mar 18, 2010
by: Kathy Goldner

I agree, laughter is a great motivator. I read once about a man who was in constant pain. He started watching silly stuff on his TV at the hospital and found that he was with out pain for a short period of time. The more he watched the more relief he received from that constant pain. Teachers can brighten the day for students - and they should!

Mar 18, 2010
More please!
by: Anonymous

I'd like to read more!

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