Tree is essential for our whole world.So tree plantation is essential job for us. My essay's topic is why plant trees?we the world people are place us in a situation where we need to plant tree. Did you ever notice someone cut down a tree? Well they not doing something good. They are killing trees.

The way all of us around the world are helping is to plant more trees.One reason you should plant tree is that trees give out o2oxygen.Oxygen is a gas that keeps our lungs going.Without oxygen humans and animals wouldn't survive.
Another reason that you should plant tree is that trees make paper. Think about it.Without paper we wouldn't be able to write anything.
Trees are also where birds build their nests.So when people cut down trees, birds have to find somewhere else to go.At one point when a bird can't find a tree anywhere,they will die.
Trees are also food.Birds also suck sap of the trees.Without trees some birds will die.Trees are important. People should plant trees.Trees help the environment and the world.Trees can also be used as a shade in a hot and sunny day. We breathe in oxygen(o2)which is from trees. We breathe out carbon dioxide(co2). The trees and plants turns CO2 into O2. Trees helps us a lot.

An opinion reached by my concept about plant a tree for save the world life living being. So we should make a morale or slogan 'plant tree to save our plannet'.


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Mar 23, 2010
subho greets subho

Its amazing, am not able to write like you. Its a real fact, am not be able to write like you, a big hug and lots of love .... I like to see and hug you as that person in 9 years who have that much concept we at age 28 wont have or we wont think... Bless you and a great future ahead .... Bless you from my heart .

Mar 22, 2010
Great choice of a topic
by: Darlene

This is a wonderful essay. I love trees, too, and think they are the most magnificent plants. You have lots of science facts in your essay. While some of your sentences are not completely correct, this will get better with practice. I am glad that a young scientist and budding writer is interested in writing about our beautiful trees.

Mar 22, 2010
A Great Achievement
by: Anonymous

See what you have done: a marvelous writing that is admired not only by me but by all. You are a special one. Bless you and may you have all success in life.

Mar 16, 2010
Excellent writing
by: Anonymous

I really impressed to read your are precious congratulates to you.

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