Geneva 12

by Geneva
(Chile, S.A.)

The Way Books Ought to Be

Interesting, inspiring, and instructive, books contribute greatly to our lives. Throughout the history of the earth, books have been used for communication and learning, as well as for pastime. Because many people love to read, there are huge libraries and bookstores all over the world. Clearly science fiction, historical fiction, and classical fiction are currently three of the most popular types in this genre. Which is your favorite?

1) Science Fiction
2) Historical Fiction
3) Classical Fiction

Hopefully, you have learned something about science, historical, and classical fiction, which are three of the more common types of fiction. Because of the useful information in many historical fiction books, as well as the entertainment provided by them, they are obviously the most important of the three. Interesting. Inspiring. Instructive. That?s the way all books ought to be.

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Mar 18, 2010
Historical Fiction
by: Kathy Goldner

I agree,I really like historical fiction. It can make history live, and my friend said she learns more about the time and place. Maybe a fictional account of a recent major event would be a subject that might interest Geneva!

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