Writing Dialogue to Narrate History

Jan - March 2010 Writing Contest

Write On #28 helps students narrate history through dialogue.
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The Winners Announced Below!

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Students learned the basic skill of reporting historical facts and events by writing dialogue.

Notice how the authors incorporated the following elements while writing dialogues:
  • Historical facts
  • Character's personality
  • Questions
  • Action or plot
  • Humor, suspense or emotion

Contest Details

"Dialogues from Days Gone By"

This homeschool writing contest starts April 1, 2010 and concludes June 15, 2010. All submissions must be received by June 15, 2010.

Note: There is a place on each page below for visitors to this site to leave comments. We welcome all of our participants and all other visitors to support our authors' creative writing by letting them know what you like about their work.

There will be two age groups

The winner of each age group will receive a United States Savings Bond, $50 denomination.

The contest will judge the ability to describe historical facts by developing a dialogue between two or more characters.

You will need Write On #28 from Write On: The Kid Friendly, Mother Pleasing Gentle Way to Learn to Write. You may use it from the text or download it here.

Each entry should be between 100 and 400 words.

Judges' Note
The contestants articulated an incredible amount of talent with their essays. Entries were judged on the ability to use dialogue to present historical facts. The writers did this with considerable amount of style, and also weaved personality and plot into their dialogues. Many finished the discourse with dramatic statements.

Check Out These Essays

Age 8-12: Sarina: "Titanic Survivor"
Age 13-17: Anna: "England vs. The Colonies"

Dialogues From Days Gone By

Here are the historical dialogues submitted by our participants.

War Be Comin' Soon 
Harry: Hey there, Leta. I be bringin? dis here paper fer Master Carter. Y'see which way he gone? Leta: Well, I believe he say somethin dis mornin' …

The Adventurous Family 
Adventurous family- Seeking more land further west Many people were looking for a new start after the Civil War ended. …

A Man Loyal to His Homeland--Robert E. Lee 
Jefferson Davis: Lee, I understand that President Lincoln has made you an offer? Robert E. Lee: Yes Sir, he has. Jefferson Davis: Taking command …

"God have mercy on her soul." 
"My friend, I take it you've heard the news?" "Ahh! Indeed I have Charles, and its dreadful in my opinion." Vlad replied. "You don't consider her …

Titanic Survivor, WINNER 
"What did he just say." I said to my buddy Horace Rodgers on this fateful day,April 15 1912. "Is it really happening." "I believe it is." "The …

England's Vs. the Colonies WINNER 
Mr. James Rogers: "Ladies, I know it is improper to discuss politics, but pray, what think you of the tension between Britain and the Colonies in the Americas?" …

Slippin' By 
Notes: Dutch Sea Captain Michael De Ruyter 1607-1676 Many Dunkirk Pirates in English Channel Others scared to leave port, cargo rotting De Ruyter …

Sav' da Sou'h 
Notes The War for Southern Independence begins 1861 North (Yankees) led by President Abraham Lincoln Battles against the South (Confederates or …

The Boston Tea Party 
Elizabeth: "Aye, George. So we know that the "Indians" who dumped the tea were not really Indians. What should we do now?" George: "Elizabeth, I …

Shiloh Not rated yet
John-- "You missed a spot." Isaac-- "Where?" John-- "Right there, an' you should polish 'em with a with one of those peach peelin's in the orchard …

Pioneer Frontier Not rated yet
Judge: Settle down, settle down time to buy your tickets. (three months later) Francis Doughty: all right, bead, milk, water, meat, blankets, clothes, …

Leaving America Not rated yet
Dad-- "D'ya see those balled clouds peaking over those mountains? D'ya understand what yer doin'? This m'boy is beauty; this is your legacy. My grandfather …

Leaving Not rated yet
Rebecca: I beg you, do not go. I fear for your life! Edward: I don't mean to cause you worry, little sister, but I must fight to keep the Union together …

South Dakota Here We Come!!!! Not rated yet
Pa: Mary, Jack, your Ma and I have something to say. Mary: Yes Pa? Pa: We are going to be movin' out west to South Dakota. Jack: We are? YIPPEEEE!!!! …

A Cold Day in April 1865 Not rated yet
Grant: "I think I have met you once before. Maybe when we were serving in Mexico?" Lee: "I believe so, although I have never been able to remember …

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