England's Vs. the Colonies WINNER

by Anna Tabor, age 15
(Matthews NC)

Mr. James Rogers: "Ladies, I know it is improper to discuss politics, but pray, what think you of the tension between Britain and the Colonies in the Americas?"

Ms. Bentwood: "I believe..."

Lady Windsor: "It’s simply outrageous! Its been three months since that day in December 73' when they dressed as savages and pushed all that tea into the Boston harbor! I do believe foreign air has bewitched them!”

Ms. Bentwood: "While your sentiments are understandable, the King has been taxing them most unfairly."

Lady Windsor: "Pfh! Britain has debts; the colonies have to pay. We raised them up; we are their benefactors! Will they bite the hand that feeds them?"

Mr. James Rogers: "My brother lives in the Americas'. He says no man who supports the king is treated respectfully. He says the colonists are hostile and disagreeable"

Ms. Bentwood: "I'm convinced not all of the populace is hostile and disagreeable, in every society there are those who rebel, But I'm sure the society, be it ever so humble, is quite pleasant. They only demand their independence."

Lady Windsor: "Ms. Bentwood, the nerve and audacity to speak thus of the crown! I will not have this blasphemy against King George the III in my home!"

Ms. Bentwood: "Lady Windsor, I mean no disrespect to the King, or to yourself. I only meant..."

Lady Windsor: "Stop! That's were you went wrong. Lets hear no more talk of rebellion, colonies, or disloyalties.

Mr. James Rogers: "I am so sorry for bringing up this most un-agreeable subject, I did not mean to cause so heated an argument."

Lady Windsor: "Oh pluck and Dash, Mr. Rogers! If you have nothing positive to say, don't say anything at all!"

Ms. Bentwood: "I stand in agreement to you that a war should be avoided at all cost."

Lady Windsor-:"War! There will be no war! We will stamp out this rebellion once and for all! They will come back to us with their tails between their legs, begging for forgiveness. They will not last long out of the shadow of the crown!"

Mr. James Rogers: "While I pray you are right Ma'am, I feel war is unavoidable. These colonists have proved themselves stronger than we gave them credit for."

Ms. Bentwood: "I fear this is not a fight to be easily won, and one that will result in the shedding of blood on both sides.”

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Jun 16, 2010
by: Jenna

This is really good!!!

Jun 15, 2010
GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!
by: proud friend :)

yeah! this is great! good job! :)

Jun 15, 2010
great script
by: BJ

Wow this is really good! I would definitely vote for this

Jun 15, 2010
I give it five stars!
by: Anonymous

Brilliant! Best historical script ever written! These people are very tallented!

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