Pioneer Frontier

by Jessica
(Appomattox, va, usa)

Judge: Settle down, settle down time to buy your tickets.

(three months later)

Francis Doughty: all right, bead, milk, water, meat, blankets, clothes, bible, oh what else do we need.

Mark Doughty: Calm down everything was packed.
Just relax. Lacy, get your brother it is time to embark on a amazing trip.

(one week later)

Lacy Doughty: Father, are we in Plymouth yet?

Mark Doughty: no, note yet. We will be there in 2 days.

Francis Doughty: Mark, it is getting dark. Can we please stop and rest for the night?

Mark Doughty: well we have to wait a little bit longer. This land is not level.

(a few minutes later)

Lacy and John: Goodnight mother goodnight father.

(2 days later)

Mark Doughty: we are finally in Plymouth.

Francis Doughty: I will go and get more food for us.

Lacy Doughty: John we are almost to our new home. We only have to find some an empty lot that we can own.

John Doughty: I wish we could have stayed I miss Matthew Harter.

Lacy Doughty: I know I miss Emily, Beth, Lisa, and Grace. We will find more friends here in Plymouth.

Mark Doughty: we have land. It is only a few minutes away from the school.

Lacy Doughty: cool, yeah now we only have to find the land and build a house.

(2 weeks later)

Lacy Doughty: Mother, I found a friend her name is Amy. Mother you had the baby. Is it a boy or girl?

Francis Doughty: it is a girl. You are going to name her.

Lacy Doughty: Mother, I think her name should be Liberty.

Francis Doughty: That is such a beautiful name. Would you like to hold Liberty.

Lacy Doughty: Why yes mother this is the best present anyone could have.

The End.

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