War Be Comin' Soon

by Jenna Thomas, age 15
(Indian Trail, North Carolina, US)

Harry: Hey there, Leta. I be bringin? dis here paper fer Master Carter. Y'see which way he gone?

Leta: Well, I believe he say somethin
dis mornin' 'bout goin' out by da creek fer a spell.

Harry: Thank ya. I be on my way, now.

Leta: Hold ya horses there fer a moment, Harry. Did ya look over dat paper through and through? I hear tell there be a column about battle breakin' out somewheres.

Harry: Now, Leta, y'know I can't read none atall.

Master Carter don't usually take too kindly to anybodies lookin' through his papers, either, but I suppose if ya wanna take one little look-see it won't hurt none.

Leta: There's a boy, Harry. My eyes be gettin' a bit old fer readin' but I'll see what I can do. Ha! Here be somethin' interestin'. You hear tell of the south leavin'the Union back in December?

Harry: Yes'm'

Leta: Well, dis here say, 'On April the 12th, the Confederates' - dat be us - "attacked the Union Fort of Sumter in South Carolina. The battle lasted all night and ended with a Confederate victory. The Confederates have now set a deadline for the Union to leave the fort.'

Harry: So it be true what they say, then? I heard da talk that they be roundin' up an army, but I thought dat was just rumors.

Leta: Well, then Harry, it look like them rumors be true. One thing fer sure, Harry; there be a war a-comin' and it be comin' soon.

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Jun 16, 2010
by: Anna

Wow! good job!

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