A Man Loyal to His Homeland--Robert E. Lee

by Emily Polson, age 15
(Ankeny, IA)

Jefferson Davis: Lee, I understand that President Lincoln has made you an offer?

Robert E. Lee: Yes Sir, he has.

Jefferson Davis: Taking command of the entire Union Army. It's quite the honor.

Robert E. Lee: Yes Davis, but I have declined. Virginia has seceded from the Union as of this past April, 1861, and though I am inclined to disagree with this position I must stay loyal to my home turf.

Jefferson Davis: My, Lee. That is quite the honor on my behalf. You are a man of great fidelity indeed. The Confederacy is privileged indeed to have you. We'll need you on our side, too, of that I am quite sure.

Robert E. Lee: You are very kind, Sir.

Jefferson Davis: And you are far too humble, my dear Lee. What do you say to becoming my Senior Military Advisor? Use those magnificent battle skills for the Confederacy. Lead us to a great victory! I hope you are not too disappointed in the secession to decline my offer?

Robert E. Lee: No Davis, it would be an honor to work under your magnanimous command. Anything for Virginia.

Jefferson Davis: Glad to hear it, Lee. You shall start with the Confederate forces in the East. What shall you call them?

Robert E. Lee: I think 'The Army of North Virginia' would suite them well. What say you, Davis?

Jefferson Davis: I say it is wonderful. You're a good man, Lee. You, slave! Get us some drinks, I'm famished.

Slave: Yes, Misser Davis, I will get them.

Jefferson Davis: Be quick about it. Get along!

Robert E. Lee: Davis, you needn't shout at the poor boy. He's human just as you or I.

Jefferson Davis: Your political views surprise me, Lee. And yet you stay true to Virginia, even when they turn their beliefs around on you. You're a loyal man indeed.

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Jul 05, 2010
Good job
by: JoLyn

Robert E. Lee is one of my favorite heroes. You demonstrated is character very well.

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