The Adventurous Family

by Rachael Ekeroth 12 yrs
(Escondido, CA, USA)

Adventurous family-
Seeking more land further west
Many people were looking for a new start after the Civil War ended.

Pa: “Well now girls’ yer ma and I have decided on moving all of us out to Independence.”

Susan: “That’s in Missouri; we’re learning all the cities in school!”

Amy: “Moving?! Oh, but Pa all my friends are here. I ain’t got no friends over in Independence!”

Ma: “Amy, you don’t have ANY friends.”

Amy: “That’s what I just said Ma.”

Pa: “Amelia, don’t be back talking yer ma. Anyway Independence is a big place. Yer sure to make friends in no time.”

Amy: “Yes sir.”

Susan: “Betsy’s folks were talking ‘bout moving to Independence in the new year. So Amy’ll have
at least one friend there in 1866.”

Ma: “Well now, see there Amy, there isn’t so much to complain about anyhow.”

Amy: “Yes Ma, I suppose.”

Susan: “I’m not complaining; I’m excited to move! Say Pa, when are we movin?”

Pa: “Day after the morrow youngun. You and yer
sister better git packing after supper. And girls remember you mustn’t pack anything ‘sides necessities.”

Susan: "Yes Pa."

Amy: “Oh, but Pa I got to have my doll, I just got to!”

Pa: “You’ll mind what I say child, ya hear!”

Amy: “Oh Ma, please?”

Ma: “You heard yer Pa. Now eat yer supper. ‘Sides we don’t even have room in the wagon for yer doll.”

Amy: “Yes ma’am.”

Pa: “Girls, if yer done with yer supper you can git to yer chores.”

Amy& Susan: “Yes sir!”

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Jun 16, 2010
Very good!
by: Anonymous

Great job Rachael!

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