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by Alexa Marshall, age 15

John-- "You missed a spot."

Isaac-- "Where?"

John-- "Right there, an' you should polish 'em with a with one of those peach peelin's in the orchard over there. Makes 'em shine better."

Isaac-- "Do you think they'll come?"

John-- "I sure hope not. I promised Ma I'd try to be as honorable as can be,seeing as we've got family in Georgia an' we'd want 'em treated good. Don't think I'd look her in the eye again knowin' I shed blood on church steps. 'Specially one named Shiloh. Don't think I'd feel quite clean my self."

Isaac-- "They'll come."

John-- "Why? How you even think like 'hat when we got the sun on our faces, breeze t' keep us cool, and a peach orchard not a stones throw away? Let's hope the loss of Fort Donelson and Henry took a toll on 'em."

Isaac-- "Perhaps."

Lieutenant-- "Soldier!"

John-- "I'm called. You take the advice 'bout the peach peelin's. If a battle comes, g'luck."

Isaac-- "And may God be with you."

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