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Sav' da Sou'h

by Isaiah Durand, age 11
(San Pedro de la Paz, CHILE)

The War for Southern Independence begins 1861
North (Yankees) led by President Abraham Lincoln
Battles against the South (Confederates or Rebs)
Attack of Richmond, Virginia,Southern capital,
General Robert E. Lee, Commander of Confederates
Lee sends out scouts
Confederates attack from rear

Confederate Scout: Gener'l, da ya know what dem der yanks up ta now?

General Robert E. Lee: I'd give Lincoln's stovepipe hat to know what those yanks are up to!

Confederate Scout: Dem der yanks up ta stre'chen theyself snake 'ike 'long da Rappahannock Riv'r!

Lee: Snake like? Can't we cut him in half?

Confederate Scout: Don't tink so, Gener'l, for snakes hab a way of ternen 'round 'n biten bak!

Lee: I believe you are right. It seems to me he's raising his head to strike Richmond.

Confederate Scout: Well den, grab 'em by da tail 'n sav' da south!

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Jun 17, 2010
A column like a snake.
by: Kathy Goldner

If you grab a snake by the tail it will turn and bite you. But describing the column like a snake was very clever. They were strung out and could be picked off from the rear.

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